I Bought a Savage 243 Camo Rifle & I’m So Glad I Did! 

I was browsing through my favorite gun magazine last fall and about half way through, I turned the page to reveal a Savage 243 camo rifle. To call it love at first sight may be stretching things a little, but I can tell you for sure that it stopped me turning the next page. Truth is, I’d been looking for a reason to buy a new rifle, and here it was! 

I’m not that experienced in hunting, but I’m getting there. My budget has never been that generous, so imagine my joy and surprise when I found that this fetching rifle was under 350 bucks! 

The Savage 243 Camo Rifle Is an Economy Option

From the outside, this rifle likes pretty much like any mid-range product on the market, despite it belonging firmly at the economy end of the scale. Formerly known as the Savage Edge, this new option is also called the Axis XP offers excellent accuracy – something this brand ha

Many choose the Savage 243 as a great backup or beginner option, but we feel that this is unnecessarily disrespecting what it is a fine product. You could look at it and say it’s cheap….because it is… it’s under 300 dollars, but we’d prefer to say that it’s a great-priced weapon that offers many benefits. 

How Did I Get On At the Range With It?

So, spoiler alert…I ended up buying one, and I took it down to the range a couple of days later. Here’s how I see things. Generally speaking, the Savage 243 camo rifle caused me no firing issues, with every round going where I aimed it. However, it took me a little while to find a comfortable position, but I found it eventually. 

I realised pretty early on too that the safety catch was a bit awkwardly placed, making me re-position my hands to reach it. This is a minor point, particularly as it was a cold day and I was wearing gloves. Plus, it could have been me, as I have quite small hands. 

That aside, I achieved very tight groupings, and although I fired more than 100 rounds, I didn’t experience a single jam or misfire. I personally think that this reliability is much to do with the simple design of Savage’s bolt action range. 

The Savage 243 Camo Isn’t the Best, But It Is the Best Value 

All in all, I’m absolutely delighted with my new Savage rifle. In reality, if it hadn’t been a the pricepoint it was, I wouldn’t have been able to invest in a new weapon – as I simply didn’t have enough cash. When you add into the mix that this is a weapon that would more than justify its cost if it were closer to others on the market, you soon realise that sometimes good things come in inexpensive packages. 

There are rifle snobs out there, but don’t let them tell you that the 243 camo isn’t worth using, as we can categorically tell you – having used it first-hand – it’s a purchase I’d make all over again if I needed to. 

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