Identifying Furnace Problems and When in Need of Repair

Whenever there is a chill or cold in the air, especially during the colder seasons like fall and winter, it is important to have access to heat and warmth wherever you are. This heat can come in a variety of different forms, such as an embrace from a friend or lover, an adjustment to the thermostat on your air conditioning system, or even a blanket or jacket to cover yourself up with. But one of the most efficient, and traditional ways of obtaining heat, is by fire; specifically, by a furnace.

The furnace, or fireplace (more info here), has been a traditionalistic method of obtaining warmth for many folks since the Stone Age, maybe even before then. It was the first method of temperature control and regulation and is as simple as scrounging up a few dry logs, setting them alight, and letting the embers come to life in a vibrant but controlled blaze. Obviously, the process is less nuanced than that and a bit more detailed, but the results are often still the same.

A fireplace is at most- if not at all times, the centerpiece of a home. It is the place where everyone comes together, whether over a drink, to watch a movie, or even just talk. Few things are more comfortable than huddling on a cold winter’s day with the radiant warmth of a hearth and the sound of cracking and sparks from the logs within it.

But what happens when you find that your furnace is not working the way you intended? What if you notice more smoke in the air than usual, or that the fires are not coming alight the way they should, if at all? These and many more are potential occurrences that can happen to a furnace that is in danger of disrepair or falling apart. Thankfully, there are methods to help deal with such issues before they get out of hand, and chief among them is furnace repair.

Identifying Furnace Problems and When in Need of Repair1

What is Furnace Repair and When Should You Have It?

As the name probably implies, furnace repair refers to the repair, maintenance, upkeep, or even outright removal and replacement of a furnace that is compromised in terms of function and/or design. Now what does it exactly mean when I say compromised in terms of function and/or design? It can include such instances where your furnace has issues along the lines of:

  • Strange sounds or smells– implies an unusual scent or sound coming from your furnace, which may indicate it needs service. Such sounds or smells can come from something that might have come loose in the fan’s motor, a potential gas leak, and more.
  • Uneven heating- when some rooms are more or less warm than others, which can indicate that the furnace is bringing uneven heating. This is a factor that is often overlooked and not addressed until it is too late to do anything about it.
  • Pilot light outage- when the pilot light fails to ignite the furnace. This is a common warning sign that your furnace needs to be looked at, and thankfully, one that is not too expensive to fix. In fact, most times such can be fixed with a lighter or match. Better to do so safely though, or have an expert look at it.
  • Thermostat malfunctioning- when the furnace’s thermostat fails to show the proper temperature or fails to adjust the temperature.
  • Dust and debris- when there is excess filth, dust, and grime inside or around the furnace. This can be attributed to a filthy or broken air filter, poor ductwork, and more. While minor at first, it will gradually become worse if it is allowed to build up and can lead to things like bad airflow and more expensive energy bills.

You can find more examples of such at websites like the one here:

These are just a few examples, but the picture is clear. Any of these issues, if not addressed, can lead to further issues and hazards later on down the line. Thankfully, as stated above, such can be fixed with an expert in furnace repairs.

Where Can I Find Furnace Repair Services?

Furnace repair services can be found at any home goods retail store or service the likes of Home Depot, Lowes, and more. You can also find them on TV ads or the Yellow Pages, or what is more common in this day and age, the internet. In fact, the internet can lead you to sites and companies that specialize in, for example, furnace repair in Dayton, OH, or other places in the United States.


A furnace is your best friend in the times you need warmth and comfort. To ensure its continued functioning and service to your warmth and comfort, make sure you identify the problems it may have. And if it comes to it, ensure that said problems are addressed and repaired before they are too late to do so.