If Time is of the Essence, You Can Write an Essay in Less Than 30 Minutes.

Prepare yourself for an essay.

Preparation time for the essay is 10 minutes.

I recommend creating an outline within 10 minutes. Preparing your essay ahead of time will save you the time and effort of rewriting it once you’ve begun writing your essay. If you are looking essay writers here, we can help you out.

Consider the essay question thoroughly.

Most essays begin with a query or an explanation of the main point (such as a quotation with a question). The most important thing is to know precisely what the inquiry calls for. As an example, you may be asked to respond to the following: Time has a “doomsday book” of renowned people’s names when it comes to forecasting the end of the world. When a new name is coined, the previous one is become meaningless. “Illuminated characters that cannot be removed” have been left behind. The question “Are there any heroes who will be remembered forever?” and the prompt “Are there any heroes?” are likely connected in some manner. Surely, heroes will fade away as a consequence. It’s easy to communicate your opinions in an essay. Use examples to substantiate your claims. Evidence from personal experience, historical knowledge, or literature may all be used to back up your claims.

It is imperative that you reflect critically on your position.

A thesis statement must be included in every academic paper. It’s time to decide which path to take in your essay and why. This must be addressed in your introduction. Take a position and express your thoughts.

If you have heroes in your life or in the lives of others, the Longfellow question and quote may inspire you to think about them. Consider a historical figure who has received little or no attention. We must cover both sides of this argument in our article on the “forgotten” and “remembered” hero. Use just one point of view in your thesis statement. There have been various hardships in the life of people such as the suffragette Susan B. Anthony. Anita campaigned tirelessly for decades for the right of women to vote, despite the government’s and her own group’s criticisms. While her courage and tenacity have been celebrated in history books, she was seldom known as a trailblazer during her lifetime. Keep in mind that your thesis statement should always include at least one reference to the essay topic. In her day, Susan B. Anthony was mocked for her anti-slavery views, but now she is seen as an iconic figure of the time she lived in.

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