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The advancement and evolution of society has caused multiple industries to completely change the way they conduct business, the marketing industry is no exception. It was not too long ago that marketing consisted of printing pieces in the press or advertisements like fliers and billboards. The Imperium Group is a global PR company, and one of the top pr firms in Dallas, that works with its clients to improve their clients’ reputation by using modern marketing tactics. They recognize that the only way for any organization to thrive is for them to gain as much internet coverage as possible, but there are so many ways of going about this that it can get overwhelming. Well the lucrative PR firm has decided to narrow down their tactics for others to gain knowledge of the industry, here are a few.

Create a relationship with the media

There are many different media providers who have different views on the topics they are reporting which may cause the topic to be altered or skewed. By forming a relationship with any major media outlet or even just a particular reporter, you are setting yourself up for a successful future. This is no easy task and will take lots of persistence but once you have created such a connection you will be able to take advantage of many benefits that come with it. The media outlet that you have formed a connection with may provide you with support in the future as well as ignore any harmful rumors and refrain from reporting stories that may purposefully harm your reputation. 

Paid Partnership

Before the invention of modern social media platforms, if you wanted to attract attention to an ad you would need to pay for a prime time slot on a popular network. Social media has changed the way we do things since a single person can attract the attention of tens to hundreds of millions of people. Not only are social media influencers attracting people in massive numbers but they create a much bigger impact since their followers truly care about what they have to say in their posts or social media stories. Instead of paying for an ad on TV, companies are teaming up with social media influencers so that they can post reviews or pictures with the product that they sent them to test out. Most major social media platforms provide services so that businesses can easily connect with top social media influencers. Once the public figure gets the idea and concept they execute it so that the organization has the perfect advertisement that fits their needs.

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Viral Advertising

This form of advertising takes advantage of how effective social media is at circulating an image or video and causing it to become viral. Through this process, an organization would need to make a well-made advertisement in the form of a photo or video. The content that they create needs to be attention-grabbing and very unique or else it will be disregarded by many others on the internet. This process is highly effective but not completely guaranteed, it may take you a couple of times to produce the right content. Once you are able to successfully create a piece of content that goes viral it is important to take note of the creative process that you used so you can create more viral content. 

Public commentary on relevant matters

When an event occurs in the world there are usually at least two or more opinions from many different people which causes there to be controversy as to who has the correct opinion. Commenting on a recent event is very important for your reputation since a unique and reasonable viewpoint can get you lots of positive exposure, while the wrong viewpoint can completely ruin the way the public perceives you. By publicly commenting on current issues you are gaining attention the attention of anyone else who is involved in the same issue and you will more than likely find yourself in an article from a major media outlet

Association with COVID-19

There is no doubt that the most popular topic in the world is COVID-19, This virus has been affecting people all over the world in ways that we could have never imagined. There are many views and opinions circulating as well as lots of confusing or false information. By releasing a public statement regarding how to properly handle this pandemic and providing accurate information, you are gaining attention from millions of people all around the world who are invested in the topic. If you are able to create a properly written statement about COVID-19, it will surely be circulated through major media outlets and you will receive large amounts of engagement.

PR Platforms

There are many different Public Relations platforms that serve to make media coverage less complex and more efficient. These platforms are able to help their clients get featured on Forbes and other major media outlets, this increase in media coverage can help just about anybody. The Imperium Group is one of these platforms, they are able to get their clients major media exposure. Many people or organizations are not able to handle their own marketing so rather than hire a full-time employee they are able to simply reach out to a PR platform or agency that is able to provide them with extensive marketing tools and services.

These tactics are some of the most effective ones anyone could use to raise their media exposure but this is still barely scratching the surface. Creating a presence in the media and a reputation requires careful planning and execution, it is a large task but not an impossible one. Connecting with reputable agencies such as the Imperium Group can help you climb the ladder very quickly without having to hire a full-time marketing team. 

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