Importance of Building Regulations Approval in a Construction Project

No matter how small a building project is, there are some regulations it must meet. Authorities require builders to apply for building regulation approvals before they start the project. However, you may not need to make applications for some small projects. The best thing to do is check with your local authorities or seek the help of professional architects who help people with such processes. 

But do you know why getting building regulations approval is important? We have prepared detailed reasons why you should not miss this step if your building project qualifies. For small projects that do not need approvals, ensure that your architect and constructor are within the building regulations for the same reasons we will discuss here.

It is a Legal Obligation

Let’s focus on big projects that require building regulations permission and approval. This is a legal obligation set by authorities all over the world. Commencing a building project without approvals can lead to prosecution in a court of law. The result for this is either a hefty fine, jail, or closure of your project.

The authorities want every project owner to adhere to some codes for the safety of the workers, users, and neighbors, as well as the environment. Hence, the approvals you seek differ from one country to another.

Fortunately, a qualified architect can help you go through this stage on top of drawing architectural and structural plans and designs. When you need the assistance of professional architects in the UK, Humphreysandsons will come through for you.

Safety of the Building

Do you know that building regulations are primarily to enforce the safety of the building for the sake of the users? If you check in your country, most of the codes require the building to meet the minimum structural standards so that it is safe. They typically focus on the following areas:

  • The general construction design and materials, where they check the size and material of the pillars, beams, and slabs, among others. The architect will have to show this in details in their plans and drawings. 
  • The electrical installation design and materials. This part also covers fire safety and hazards prevention and handling. 
  • Plumbing lines materials and installation. This focuses on prevention of leaking and flooding hazards. This part may also touch on drainage and sewer line designs and functionality. 
  • Ventilation and insulation.

Hiring of the Right Service providers

With set building regulations codes, builders get a reference point when hiring service providers. For instance, you can look for an architect who will help you make the building regulation permission and approval on top of making designs. 

It can also help you hire the right constructor, plumber, electrician, and other service providers. You can look into these codes and how to adhere to them when executing their services. 

In some cases, you might be required to list your service providers when making the application for a big construction project. 


It is clear that building regulations approval is very crucial for a construction project. Whether you are building a new residential home, constructing a commercial structure, or doing simple extension and conversion projects, adhere to these codes for the above and more reasons.

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