Important Rules to Remember While Purchasing a Bra

No wardrobe is complete without a bra. We all know a right bra can instantly elevate the look, and, similarly, a wrong bra can ruin it in no time. Studies show that 85% of women wear the wrong size bra. This minute bra size imperfection can cause a lot of discomfort. While purchasing a bra, women are often confused about size, fit, fabric, outfit, etc., and which is why they often compromise on comfort. They usually pick what they find pretty rather than comfortable. But finding a perfect bra is no more an arduous task. Below I have listed rules for you to remember while purchasing your ideal bra.

Size Matters

Did you know your bra size can change about six times in a lifetime? The drastic changes in bra sizes can occur due to different bodily changes like pregnancy, hormones, nursing, weight gain or weight loss. Finding a perfectly fitted bra in your accurate size is a blessing. A loosely fitted bra can lead to inadequate support for your breast, making you look drab. While a tighter one can disturb blood circulation and leave rashes & marks. You should make sure the bra straps sit comfortably on the shoulder without digging deep into the skin, giving a snug fit. Note down two measurements to find your perfect bra size. First, wrap a measuring tape right under the bust parallel to the ground and note the measurement. Then measure the fullest part of the bust to get the overbust measurement. Now that you have your underbust and overbust measurements, you can head straight to Clovia Curve to find your correct bra size.

The Perfect Style

It is a lesser-known fact that not all types of clothing can be paired up with the same bra style. Having different bra options can make your dressing game easier and stronger. For everyday use, you can have T-shirt bras, push-up bras, sports bras and underwire bras. While plunge bras, strapless bras and bralettes can be reserved for specific outfits adorn on celebratory occasions. Make sure you own neutral-coloured bras for everyday wear and some bright shades for days when you feel fancy. You can pick a strapless bra from the Jockey India brand for your festive ensembles.

Shop According to Your Body Type

Always opt for bras that help accentuate your curves better. Identify your breast shade and pick bra styles accordingly. For narrow shoulders, you can opt for cross-back or multiway style to get rid of slipping straps. On the other hand, you can try a demi coverage balconette bra for a fuller and rounder appearance if you have wide-set breasts. Talking about the practical approach, you can opt for a T-shirt bra from Marks & Spencers. This is a very basic and must-have style that lends the perfect support to all bust shapes and sizes.

Consider The Fabric

In today’s time, bras are available in organic and stretchable materials. Organic fabrics like cotton are suitable for everyday use as they promote skin breathability. In fabrics like spandex and Lycra, stretchability is taken into account to ensure a second-skin-like fit. For generations, cotton has been one of the most skin-friendly fabrics. Cotton is suitable for all as it is both affordable and durable. If you are looking for some quality cotton fabric bra, you can check out; they bring the best of both worlds, cotton & spandex mixed bras, to provide you with the comfort of cotton and stretchability of spandex.

Quantity – How Much Is Too Much?

It is advisable to stock up bras in good numbers, suitable for all outfits. Multiple bras facilitate saving a handsome amount of money in the long run. The lesser you have to replace bras, the easier it is to maintain. Also, you need not worry about not having a bra for a specific outfit or occasion. Experts say you should own at least seven bras – Three T-shirt bras in basic shades like black, white & nude; one strapless bra, one multiway, two sports bra. These bras will go well with most of your fashion, workout & formal outfits. You will also get enough time to wash & dry a bra before you wear it again. If you are planning to build a bra wardrobe from scratch, you should check out They have amazing deals running where you can pick 3 padded bras for 1099 and 4 non-padded ones for just 799!

The rules mentioned above will help you create a sustainable collection of bras suitable for every type of clothing. Furthermore, online bra shopping is quite efficient as it eliminates awkward and uncomfortable conversations with shopkeepers.

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