Employment equality for transgender people is the law in New Jersey. Any form of harassment or discrimination based on a person’s sex, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity is prohibited by law. Employees who identify as transgender, or who are undergoing a transition, should be afforded the same opportunities for safe and productive work as any other employee. Learn more!

Human Resources (HR) departments and employers alike should back employees who are transitioning to help them adjust to their new roles.

What Advice Do You Have for New Employees?

Gender transition is an amazing and often terrifying adventure, especially when it comes to figuring out how to manage the shift at work. Employees can benefit from the following advice as they deal with gender change on the job.

  • It’s important to keep in mind that you have control over how quickly or slowly you want to move through the transition process.
  • Concerning your gender transition in the job, there is no one set of measures you must take at any one moment or in any particular order.
  • In order to ease the transition into a new name, you may want to suggest that some of your coworkers begin referring to you by a different name or pronoun in more casual settings as you make preparations for your name change.
  • If you decide on a new name, Human Resources can help you make the announcement in person or via email.

Consult with your employer and HR when it comes time to update clients, customers, or other external parties; there may be policies in place that you must adhere to.

Contact HR for help with changing your name on company ID cards, your desk nameplate, your bio on the company website, and your access to gender-neutral restrooms and other facilities.

The law is on your side, and your employer should make you feel comfortable as you make this change. Given that every worker’s situation is unique, they should be given the freedom to make the change when and how they see fit. Before and during a person’s transition, their employer, managers, and human resources department should be supportive and mindful of their right to privacy.

What Should You Do If You Face Discrimination?

The Equality Act forbids any kind of prejudice against you due to your gender transition. This is true whether you are just considering a gender change, are currently experiencing or have successfully completed the process.

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