India Casino Presents Best Cricket Video Games of All Time

Are you somehow directly connected to the cricket industry, and you think you might be pleasantly impressed if there was a game that you could play online that was perfectly related to the game of cricket? Fortunately, we don’t have just one online cricket-themed game for you, but six. Because cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, we are sure that many gamblers in India will find this article extremely useful.

Epic Cricket

You probably already know that the most popular football simulator is Fifa. Fifa is a game that perfectly mimics the whole football phenomenon around the world. The game has been available to each of us for more than 10 years and is improving from year to year. Well, football is not the only international sport that has a large number of fans and people who appreciate the sport. The game of cricket is very popular in India, so if you were looking for an application on your phone or a video game that perfectly mimics the game of cricket, Epic Cricket is that game, and it’s even more so.

You will be able to experience what it is like to play cricket on your phone with increased graphic quality and the possibility to have a lot of fun during the session. The advantage of this game is that it allows you to choose from many well-known cricket teams.

Shane Warne Cricket

Shane Warne says cricket is one of the games available for the PlayStation. As the name suggests, but also the history of this game, it was released in 2002, and the most appreciated aspect of the game was the sound. Many experts say that in a game or a video product, the biggest impact on the consumer is the sound. In vain  is the graphic quality very good if the sound is not at least as good. And the fans appreciated that.

Shane Warne Cricket’s style of play is far superior to any video you see in any online casino. The game of cricket is very realistic in this video game, and that’s why we recommend it.

Smash Cricket

Smash Cricket is a newer game compared to the ones we talked about so far. Launched in 2018, it might seem completely superior to all other games at first glance. The graphic details are much better, the angle from which we view the player looks different, and the players’ movements are smoother. In Smash Cricket, the developers also focused on details, not just how teams interact.

For example, we see the first details about the spectators watching the match. In the background, you can also see details about the appearance of the stadium or the number of spectators attending the game.

Cricket 97

Although the original version of the game was Cricket 96, the developers of EA Games believed a lot in this project and launched a game in 1997. The intention was for the game to appear every year and continue to catch as much notoriety as possible. Just like in the case of FIFA or the NBA. The Cricket 97 variant was the first to receive 3D graphic details, and also the first to allow you to hear comments during the game for the first time. Cricket 97 was available on Windows and was a very popular game among the community that appreciates this sport.

Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket is another great cricket game that is accessible to all those who need to bring this sport as closely to them as possible. What’s interesting about this game is that it has a slightly different playstyle. During the game, each player has a very large head. A kind of bubblehead for each character. It is true that, although the game is very lively, it manages to keep that dose of realism. But I don’t recommend Big Bash Cricket as a realistic cricket game because it’s one of the weirdest games I’ve ever come across.

Our recommendation for the game of cricket is to play it when you need to have a little fun in your free time. The game is full of visual effects like flames, stars, and more. It is available even now on PCs or consoles.

Super International Cricket.

There are many variations of cricket video games that are strikingly similar to Super International Cricket. Experts even claim that this version of the game has set a new standard for everything related to the game of cricket brought to computers or game consoles. Super International Cricket is a legend and is one of the games that is talked about whenever someone has the opportunity. Don’t forget to always enjoy your favourite games! Super International Cricket is the game that started this.


If you are passionate about cricket and you have to play this game on your computer, PlayStation, or Xbox, we have offered you enough new options to take advantage of every time you wish to play the game of your life. Play cricket, have fun, and tell us in the comments what your favourite game is!

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