Inspiration To Cure Your Boredom In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Are you bored of playing Animal Crossing New Horizons? Looking for ideas to regain your interest in this game? Have the lack of updates left you with nothing to do, look no further, here are 5 ideas & inspiration you need for your Animal Crossing New Horizons game, which can help cure your Animal Crossing boredom.

Inspiration To Cure Your Boredom In Animal Crossing New Horizons

1. Add another character to your island

Bring another human to your island by opening your game under a different user on your switch. You can play as them to upgrade and decorate their house and you can even turn their house into a build like a castle or a hotel or school restaurant, anything you can think of. You could also give the extra character like a story line and kind of create like some lore for your island.

2. Decorate your island with a new unique theme

Give yourself a challenge and try to decorate your island with a less popular, more unique style or just do something completely new that you haven’t done before, you can put together some cheap ACNH items into the design. Don’t have any clue where to start, here are some really cool island themes that you can try out.

– The first one is a retro city island theme tropical underscore. Animal Crossing New Horizons executed a tropical retro city theme perfectly on instagram, it is so beautiful. You could make any theme retro but the tropical retro vibe, it just it hits different, it’s so unique, they make like little themed buildings for all their villagers, they made like a little cafe , it’s a really cool theme.

– Norm-Core takes you back to march of 2020, it’s really nostalgic and it just reminds you of the wholesomeness when this game was released and everyone was playing it.

– Another theme is elegant core. These are beautiful classical islands that feature castles, royal gardens and other things of that nature. They are mostly city themed with defined roads and structures.

3. Join the Animal Crossing social community

Another way to get back into ACNH is to participate in its huge massive social community. You can create an instagram or twitter account and join the thousands of players who are always online, sharing ideas visiting each other’s islands and just having a good time.

4. Take random dream

Sweet tours in the dream suite which is accessed by laying down in any bed inside of your Animal Crossing house without costing any Animal Crossing bells. There’s a randomized tour option, Luna will send you to a completely random island and you will have no idea.

5. Fill up your museum

Some of you may have already completed this challenge since it has been over a year since this game came out. But some still haven’t. There are so many creatures to catch and artwork to collect in this game. Take your time and try to complete your museum exhibits. You can even challenge yourself to try it with no trading or time traveling.

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