Investing in Pink Argyle Diamonds

Are Pink Diamonds a Good Investment? The answer depends on the type of pink diamond you’re looking to purchase. In general, the price of pink diamonds will depend on the intensity of the color, which is different for a faint purplish pink and a fancy deep pink. Pink diamonds are described by their intensity, which is the amount of color that is present, and their secondary and primary colors. Intense pink diamonds are more expensive than faint pink diamonds, but you can’t ignore the intensity when buying a color stone.

Argyle-certified GIA Fancy Intense pink diamonds

When purchasing a fancy-intense pink diamond, you should make sure to choose an Argyle-certified GIA gem. GIA has developed its own grading system, but the Argyle method is just as respected. This system divides pink diamonds into four different categories based on their color intensity. The Argyle certificate will guarantee the diamond’s real value.

When buying a ring, it’s important to be sure the stone is properly graded, as the intensity of color can vary greatly. The GIA system will give the same color grade for a 4PR and a 6P diamond, even though they have very different Argyle colors. In a ring, a 6P diamond can cost seventy to eighty percent more than a 4PR diamond.

GIA also requires that a stone has undergone a stringent grading process. The Argyle mine produces the majority of the pink diamonds in the world. The Argyle mine has a highly specialized grading process, so you can be assured that your pink diamond will meet the highest standards. This grading process helps GIA differentiate between diamonds of the same color and type, making your purchase more valuable.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pink diamond, make sure to read the certification process carefully. The Argyle certification process entails that the diamond meets the highest standards of the GIA. This means that the stone will be protected from possible misunderstandings from fraudulent sellers. GIA also uses its own terminology for grading diamonds. Therefore, if you want to buy a pink diamond, make sure to purchase a GIA certified diamond that has passed their stringent quality test.

Argyle-certified pink diamonds

Investing in pink Argyle diamonds has several advantages, and these benefits are becoming more apparent as the price of these stones increases. In the last two years alone, the price of these stones has skyrocketed. And that’s not all – they’re expected to double their value over the next five years. Indeed, a PWC report indicates that the value of these diamonds has risen by 450% in the past 10 years.

While traditional assets are risky, Argyle pink diamonds are a great way to protect your investment and increase your wealth. These rare gems can command prices of several million dollars per carat. You can buy loose stones or invest in jewelry with the proceeds. The investment value of these stones is guaranteed to grow. This makes them an excellent choice for any investor looking to diversify their wealth. They can also be sold for cash.

The Argyle mine produces ninety percent of the pure carat of these diamonds. Because of the rarity of these diamonds, they tend to command higher prices. However, the price of pink diamonds is highly dependent on the carat weight and color intensity. Because 90% of the diamonds produced in the Argyle mine are pure, this makes Argyle diamond’s a safe bet for investors.

Argyle-certified straight pink diamonds

The brand Argyle, now owned by Rio Tinto, helped create a new ecosystem for the sale of rare pink diamonds. This ecosystem includes diamond wholesalers, Authorized Partners like John Calleija and David Michael in Australia, and Select Ateliers like Gimel in Japan and Boodles in the UK. Among these, Argyle-certified straight pink diamonds have a special meaning for many consumers, which is why they are incredibly valuable.

The Argyle seam is the source of the pink diamonds, and its discovery revolutionized the market for colored diamonds. It has a small but steady supply of diamonds. Unfortunately, Rio Tinto recently announced plans to close the mine permanently, so the company has resorted to producing them elsewhere. Nevertheless, it is still worth investing in these diamonds, as their value has skyrocketed over the past seven years.

Argyle-certified straight pink diamond prices are rising despite their limited supply. The mine is a major supplier of Argyle-certified pink diamonds, and its supply is limited. As such, demand for these diamonds is high. But, despite the increase in demand, the mine’s supply will remain low for the foreseeable future. That’s why a single diamond can sell for up to triple its value.

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