Is Nose Reshaping Surgery Right For You?

Nose reshaping surgery is a procedure to enhance the facial harmony and symmetry of the nose. Besides cosmetic reasons, it is also done to treat some medical issues such as impaired breathing due to structural imperfections in the nose.

What are the advantages of Nose Reshaping Surgery?

Nose reshaping surgery can do wonders to your face and it can help in:

  • Correct the nose size in proportion to your face size
  • Change the width of your nose bridge and increase or decrease your nostril’s size and change their position as well
  • Correct the humps and depression on the nose bridge
  • Change the shape, size, and symmetry of your nasal tip
  • Correct any other symmetrical defects in your nose

If you need a very symmetrical nose, you should consider the fact that we all have imperfections and we can never achieve extremely symmetric results. However, if you choose a very qualified surgeon, you can get 90% perfect results.

For nose reshaping surgery in Mumbai, you can contact Dr. Siddharth Prakash, a renowned Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon practicing at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. He is an alumnus of KEM Hospital, Mumbai, and Harvard Medical School, Boston.

Ideal Candidate for Nose Reshaping Surgery

You are the perfect candidate for the surgery if you:

  • Have good health
  • Not a smoker
  • You are 15+
  • Have realistic expectations from the treatment
  • Have a positive perspective


The first step in nose reshaping surgery is anesthesia. You will either receive a local or general anesthesia depending on your surgery complexity.

After the anesthesia, your doctor will have two choices, do a close incision or do open surgery. In open surgery, you will get an incision on the narrow bridge of your nose, whereas in close surgery, incisions will be done on the nose’s inner side.

Your doctor will perform the surgery and may remove cartilage or bone to reduce the size or do some reshaping or graft cartilage harvested from your nose or rib.


Post-Surgery Recovery

The recovery from the surgery is based on the case complexity and surgery duration. Your doctor will give you anesthesia and that is why you won’t be able to drive home yourself and might need to stay at the clinic for a few hours.

You might get a nose pack depending on your procedure and you can get it out after one to two days by visiting your surgeon’s clinic. Normally not packing the nose makes the patient more comfortable and less swollen.

If you had a cartilage involvement, you might feel slight pain and a mild headache. But this can be easily treated with painkillers for two to three days. Other side effects might include some swelling, redness, or bruising, and some changes in smell.

This swelling and bruising get settled within one week or more, again depending on the duration of the procedure and complexity. You’ll need to sleep with heads facing up and 2 pillows to settle down the swelling. Swelling settles down within 6 weeks completely, however in some cases it takes months for swelling to completely fade away.

The most crucial part is that your sense of smell will come back in a few weeks and won’t interrupt unless you are a chef. Moreover, you will be able to attend all social events and continue your work within one week post-surgery.

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