Is online sports betting safe?

The world is moving online and that has also been the case with the betting industry everywhere. Companies like Bet365 and 1xBet started with shops around Europe that used to accept bets physically but such locations are now basically obsolete. Everything is done online.

India missed the first part of the gambling revolution as physical betting parlors or betting inside India is illegal with a few exceptions. Now, however, as smartphones have become more affordable than ever before and high-speed internet is accessible to everyone, the betting industry has moved online. People want to know about the best cricket betting app just as much as they want to know about their favorite IPL team.

The question, though, is about the safety of betting online. Is Online sports betting safe? Can you get in trouble for this in India?

Let us try and answer this for you.

The Law Does Not Say it is Illegal

One of the first questions that come to everyone’s mind when they speak about online sports betting is whether it is legal. The current law in the country that governs the gambling industry is the Public Gambling Act of 1867. There was no such thing as the internet and so the concept of an online betting website did not exist!

This is why there is nothing in the law making online sports betting illegal. Also, the Indian government has had plenty of time to make an amend to the law if it so wishes to make but that has not happened yet. Currently, betting online is like traveling to a casino in another country.

If it is outside the Indian jurisdiction then it should not matter.

No Questionable Elements of Society to Deal With

Did you think that there was no sports betting in India before the online betting companies made their way over here? Of course it was present and is still the major chunk of the betting industry. However, illegal industries bring with them criminal elements of society that can be a bit dangerous to deal with.

Do you really want to be betting with a bookie who knows where you live, your phone number, and could any day decide to show up to your house? Or would you prefer to bet from the comfort of your home with odds that are displayed fairly before you place your bets and without ever having to talk to a single person?

Yes, we would prefer online betting too and that is why this part of the industry is growing at a rate that is faster than ever.

State of the Art Security

You want your money to be safe when you are playing online and that is also true for the online casinos themselves. Their entire business rests on them being trustworthy because the players are just going to stop playing with them if that is not the case.

This is why the online casinos have invested in state-of-the-art security and encryption that ensures any financial information that you share with them is completely private and cannot be stolen.

Even the leading banking institutions of the world do not have as robust a security structure around their websites that the online casinos do! You may have seen people in movies hacking into websites and making off with millions of dollars but that is next to impossible in real life.


Online sports betting is safe in every way that you can imagine. There is just no comparison to offline betting at all. When you bet online, you are getting the best experience on par with what the best in the world experience.

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