Is Rhinoplasty the Best Choice for Your Hump Nose?

Rhinoplasty, better known as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure commonly used to change the shape of the nose and reconstruct it. It is known as nasal reconstruction therapy, which is gaining popularity daily in medical terms. So, suppose you are one of those who want to change the look of the nose or face the issues like a dorsal hump, crooked nose, breathing difficulty, and wide nasal tip. In that case, opting for Rhinoplasty can be optimal for you, helping you eliminate the problems permanently.

Significance of Rhinoplasty

The trend of Rhinoplasty is getting a wide-scale application in the recent era. Many people feel it is their top choice and often go through it. This surgery appears effective both ways. It helps you resolve the nose issues and enhances your face’s beauty and overall look. So, undergoing Rhinoplasty can’t be the wrong choice for you.

Essentials of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a sensitive procedure, so it demands to be performed under the supervision of an experienced surgeon. Famous Indian plastic surgeon Dr. Siddharth Prakash can perform your Rhinoplasty in Mumbai amazingly through his surgical skills.

Perks of Getting A Rhinoplasty Surgery

Many people choose Rhinoplasty mainly to change their face look and to treat breathing problems or congenital disabilities. But, there are some features that a person should know before getting the therapy. Like, Rhinoplasty can bring up different changes in the structure of the nose.

  • Size of nose changes
  • The angle of the nose changes
  • The bridge of the nose gets straightens
  • Tip of nose reshaped
  • Nasal base or nostrils narrows

So, if you are choosing Rhinoplasty mainly to improve the overall look of your face, wait for some time until the nasal bone has developed completely. It usually develops around 15 in girls, but it takes more time to develop in boys. In contrast, if you opt for the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in India to resolve breathing issues, you can get the job done at a younger age.

Drawbacks of Treatment

Although Rhinoplasty appears to be a safe and hazard-free procedure, it can also appear with certain complications. Whether cosmetic or general, all types of surgeries appear with certain risks like infection and bleeding. Moreover, Rhinoplasty may also cause; scars, nose bleeds, asymmetrical nose, or numbness. Commonly, patients don’t get satisfied with the first attempt, so they undergo a revision dose. However, if you are also experiencing a second attempt, wait until your nose heals appropriately, which may take a year minimum.


The nose is the most prominent and distinctive part of the nose, which requires proper care. Undoubtedly, it performs the essential functions in our daily living and disrupts the quality of life if it appears with nasal defects or breathing anomalies. Best Rhinoplasty treatment, under the supervision of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, can serve you outstandingly, correcting the physiological defects that hamper your ability to breathe without difficulty. Above all, Rhinoplasty can be a good choice in preventing physiologic damage.

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