Is Root Canal Treatment Safe for Kids?

The lingering reputation of pain associated with root canals strikes fear into the hearts of many adults. What if your child needs a root canal? A holistic root canal New York specialist uses innovative techniques to perform a root canal and ensure your kids’ pulp is well protected. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises parents to schedule their first kids’ dentist appointment no later than 12 months after birth. Making regular checkups a habit will ensure you know when your kid needs a root canal or any other dental procedure. Through this post, you’ll learn that root canals for kids aren’t as scary as they seem.

Is a root canal necessary for kids?

Root canals are usually recommended for adults whose teeth have completely decayed, and the pulp is affected. However, it is not uncommon for kids to get root canals. Modern technologies and anesthetics have made the procedure virtually painless; therefore, many parents resort to root canals for their kids rather than extraction.

Every child’s dental hygiene is unique, and you may not be able to predict whether your child needs root canal treatment or not from the onset. Instances that naturally lend themselves to a root canal include

  •       If your baby’s cavities worsen due to too much candy
  •       Damaged nerve gum endings

To the untrained eye, it is impossible to catch tooth decay early on. Paying attention to subtle habits, such as your kids brushing their teeth before bed, can save their teeth. Regular checkups at a reputable center such as Compassionate Endodontists New York can help detect tooth defects and treat them.

Root canals for kids are necessary for totally decayed teeth, whether primary or permanent. Modern procedures are available exclusively for performing a baby root canal. If your dentist recommends a tooth canal for your kid, do not fret. The results would be outstanding compared to if you opted for extraction.

At which age is it appropriate to get a root canal for a baby?

There is no magic number for when a root canal is appropriate. Each set of milk teeth has its shedding period, from as little as 6 to 13 years. The appropriate time to get a root canal for your kid is when there’s complete damage to the tooth pulp. Root canals are appropriate for kids with milk or permanent teeth. However, do not go for a root canal if the teeth are about to fall off.

An X-ray and oral exam will determine if your child needs a root canal. Root canals for milk teeth ensure that the kid won’t have future speech and bite force problems. The root canal procedure will replace the pulp and the teeth with zirconia material. Your kid won’t be the focal point of mockery in school with such immaculate teeth despite undergoing a root canal.

Root canals save the whole tooth and restore pristine dental health. Suppose you notice a problem with your kid’s teeth, set up a consultation at Compassionate Endodontists in New York. Depending on the age and complications, Dr. Kaplan, MD, and his team of qualified endodontists will tailor a suitable treatment plan for your baby. Contact us today to seek the help you need.

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