Is Skills Testing an Effective Way to Find Good Candidates?

Good candidates are defined by their suitability for the role as much as by their skills and qualifications. And to measure both skills and suitability, recruiters often turn to skills testing software to evaluate and understand the candidates.

Assessing candidates offers many advantages to all parties involved. Then companies like a talent acquisition consultancy can find the best suitable candidate for the role. Recruiters gain a clear understanding of which applicant is the better choice. The candidate who gets the job can rest assured that they will do well in the role.

These lead to recruiters making skills testing software solutions their top choice when it comes to evaluating the job applicants.

Discovering the best candidates

There are hundreds of applications for a single job advert. It can be overwhelming to sort through all these – reading cover letters and scouring CVs – in a short period. There is a chance that recruiters might miss out on great candidates. And interviews are not conducive to allowing applicants to provide a comprehensive overview of their abilities and aptitude.

Using a skills testing software system enables recruiters to:

  • Quickly assess individuals
  • Send tests online
  • Get swift access to test results
  • Compare individual and group performance
  • Check candidate strength and potential
  • Make rapid and sound hiring judgments
  • Use test results as supplementary application

Having job seekers sit through a skills assessment test and incorporating behavioral tests into the hiring process quickly separates the serious and the talented applicants from others.

These tests can last any time between 5 minutes to one hour. Ranging from basic knowledge skills assessment to the intermediate level and the more advanced ones, recruiters can use the appropriate test to check for the required abilities in their candidates.

After inspecting the results, recruiters can proceed to the next stage with suitable candidates.

All around beneficial recruiting tool

Many proactive recruitment agencies already fully grasp how vital skills testing is and utilise it during their hiring. In fact, for many, skills testing software is as indispensable as the recruitment software solution that acts as a central system that keeps recruiters organised and efficient.

How it benefits companies

Hiring companies want a good employee who can meet their technical requirements for the role being filled. A misfit can be detrimental to the company as they can slow progress at work or even disrupt the working atmosphere in the office.

So, to avoid bad hires or hiring the wrong candidate, recruiters use the software to help them assess candidates as objectively as possible. The test results provide clarity and compelling evidence regarding the applicants.

How it benefits recruiters

Recruiters get a competitive edge over their peers who do not have a skills testing software system in their tool kit. The advantage lies in providing companies with test results that are tangible proof a candidate they are considering is better in these respects.

Online skills testing is easy and convenient. It saves recruiters tons of time. All they need to do is pick appropriate tests and send them via email to their candidates. It is an extremely quick and expedient way to measure all the applicants. Recruiters discover the best candidates from a group of applicants in a significantly brief period.

How it benefits candidates

Quick assessments and feedback help candidates understand where they stand in the job application process. Instead of waiting for weeks to hear back with a refusal, taking online skills tests provides a faster recruitment process. It also helps them understand if they are suitable for the role.

And taking online skills tests is beneficial for applicants as they can take the test from anywhere. With a computer device and an internet connection, they can quickly take the assessment at home or during a commute and then move on to what is next on their agenda for the day.

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