Is Solar Lighting Worth it or Should You Wait

Solar energy is one of those solutions to the global warming problem that promise to remove the need for conventional electrical energy manufacturing methods. Along with that promise arose quite a lot of different types of solar powered products, including solar lighting for gardens, streets and back yard.

Today we’ll be exploring whether or not solar lighting is worth it, or if it hasn’t yet reached the promised potential and it’s just a gimmick of a new industry which is trying it’s hardest but it’s not quite there yet.

What has the Modern Age Solar Lighting Solution Come to

While innovation in technology, especially in lighting, is vital for the ecological future of the human race, it should not come at the expense of crappy products. Luckily the solar solutions that companies like have for us, are not the crappy kind.

Their catalogues are full of useful, handy and efficient products which show that there are some good choices out there. But the question still stands – does modern solar lighting match the effectiveness of more conventional lighting fixtures?

Even with new age LED technologies, lighting requires a substantial amount of energy for it to produce a long lasting shine, exactly when you need it. Lighting is most useful when it is available exactly when you need it – if you have to compromise with its availability, then it’s not a good deal.

When it comes to solar lighting, the real answer is “No”, it does not match the effectiveness of regular lighting, or at least it does not in most cases. There are solar lights, like those meant for streets and local parks that can produce the same amount of light as that of regular street lighting.

However, since most of our readers are not park managers or city planners, we will be focusing on consumer-grade solar lighting products.

The truth is that their effectiveness is not in the intensity of the light which they can produce, but the fact that they are entirely independent for the power grid.

This frees up quite a lot of possibilities, like mobility, energy saving, and ecological responsibility in the hands of every customer.

How to Determine if it’s Worth it for You

If you have a garden and are often bored with always having the regular lgith set-up, and you are the type of person to always look for change, then movable garden lights are the right choice for you.

They are a fantastic choice for those of us who would like to retain some sort of autonomy in our day-to-day life, including in the arrangement of our garden lights.

These are also quite suitable for large, open spaces, or for creating a light path through your garden as they require little to no installation. There are lamp posts which you can stick in the ground straight out of the box, no need for assembly, pulling in cables, digging trenches or what not.

What are the Downsides of Solar Lighting

One major downside of solar lighting is that it requires sunlight in order to produce the electrical charge the light bulbs use. This means that they are not as reliable, at least in terms of light availability, as modern lights.

Some products even require that you change their batteries, because cold temperatures deteriorate the power storage capacity of batteries, especially if they are acid or lithium-ion ones.


Yes, solar lights are worth it, however, if you are looking for a permanent solution for indoor lighting, then you should go for conventional lighting fixtures. Solar lighting is only suitable for the outside, not indoors.

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