Is There Any Reliable DNA Testing Kit for Maternity? Find Out Here!

Maternity testing is a comparison of a minor to an alleged mom to find out the possibility of biological connections. Samples are obtained by a testing site by utilizing a buccal swab then swabbing the interior of the cheek for around thirty seconds.

 At-home tests (non-legal)

An at-home DNA testing kit is commonly referred to as a non-legal test. DNA samples for an at-home DNA testing kit are gathered by people in the privacy of their homes. They offer the same details as legal DNA tests yet aren’t meant for use in a court. If there’s a probability that the outcome may be required for legal reasons, a legal test must be performed.

Informational tests performed using a DNA testing kit, find out more info, are for your own peace of mind and aren’t admissible in court. You might conduct the collection inside the comfort of your house or book an appointment with a certified collector. No ID is needed, and results are typically ready within one business day of receipt of all parties’ samples.

If you are not able to collect a swab, it is possible to submit a contact article. Contact articles include anything a participant touched other than the buccal swab. There isn’t any guarantee that a profile can be obtained from the contact article. The collector can’t determine if the profile is obtainable until all laboratory processes are completed; so, a refund won’t be issued if a contact article generates no comparable profile. Usually, cases involving contact articles have a bigger turnaround time of five business days, and extra fees are sometimes tacked on, so it is important to contact the collector to order the kit if you have plans on using a contact article.

To ensure privacy every DNA testing kit is typically shipped in discreet FedEx packages addressed from the Fulfillment Department.

Completing a DNA testing kit is easy

Typical tests follow these instructions from participants:

  1. Choose the number of participants. Then a check out is completed.
  2. Users receive the kit at their home within 1 to 2 business days and complete the collection utilizing the directions provided inside a kit.
  3. The user then seals and ships samples back to the certified collector using a provided FedEx Billable Stamp.
  4. Users get an emailed copy of their results in 1 to 2 business days from the day the samples were obtained by the collector.

 Legal Maternity Tests

Legal tests are admissible in court that require government issued ID and an appointment for every participant. Legal guardians have to be there to sign consent forms for any minor under age 18 years old. You’ll be given legal notarized results in 2 to 3 business days. Legal tests may be used for:

  • Adoption
  • Court Order
  • Will/Estate Settlements
  • Tax Forms
  • Birth Certificate Changes
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Other Legal Reasons

When to use a legal maternity DNA testing kit?

A legal test should be conducted when the outcome is necessary for legal matters like child custody or child support. Also, the test may be utilized to support adding a parent’s name on the birth certificate.

What kind of sample gets collected in legal tests?

The most typical type of sample is a buccal swab.  The sample is taken using a cotton swab gently rubbed on the interior of the cheek.  Blood samples also are acceptable. If you have any more questions, a reputable, certified collector can more than likely help you.

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