Is Travertine Good for Shower Cabins

Homeowners are often confused about what tiles to choose for their bathrooms. It turns out to be one of the main dilemmas that everyone goes through. It is only natural to go through such hesitation. If you don’t like the result, it would be hard to change it. It would require more time and a substantial amount to redo a bathroom. That’s why most people choose carefully what materials they would like to use for their bathroom areas. Travertine is a great choice, preferred by many homeowners for their bathrooms. If done correctly, this stone will create a unique atmosphere and give you the tranquility you seek after a long day of work. You can check out Bianco Maremma. If you want to learn more about travertine in shower cabins, keep reading this article. 

What is Travertine? 

Travertine is one of the most sophisticated natural stones utilized for all home decor. This gorgeous stone will brighten up any area in your home – especially your bathroom. You can safely use this stone for your shower walls. 

If the travertine’s aristocratic and chic look attracts you, you can be bold and choose larger tiles. Each tile is unique, like the Bianco Maremma. Made by nature itself, travertine will look gorgeous in any bathroom setting. If you want to use travertine to “lock” an area, such as a shower in the bathroom, or the back behind the sink, you can also use mosaic or smaller tiles. This material is extremely versatile, and you can order it from Saturnia Travertini cut to size so that nothing stands between your ideas and the travertine’s implementation.

Travertine Is Different from Marble 

Unlike marble which is a metamorphic rock, travertine is a sedimentary rock, i.e., closer to limestone, and is formed in hot mineral springs and limestone caves during the precipitation of carbonate minerals. Its main characteristic is the porous texture, which is the result of the penetration of carbon dioxide into the rock. Travertine flowers are formed naturally by the accumulation of chemical and mineral compounds and exposure to pressure for millions of years.

Travertine for the Shower Cabin

Travertine can brighten up the interior of your living area and also your home’s bathroom. Are you getting new home decorating ideas? Keep in mind that this stone is also suitable for patios, decorative walls, or the area around the pool. Unlike other pavements, the travertine is not slippery. It is a natural stone that will also retain its beauty, and it will even look more chic and aristocratic over time, as its porous texture tends to change due to usage.

Imagine a shower cabin with gentle tones, a natural look, and softness to the touch. It would be ideal for a tranquil bathroom experience. The atmosphere would be so relaxing you may not want to get out of the shower. 

What Shades Does Travertine Come In? 

Among the most popular colors are Classic (cream), Night (chocolate) / Late, and Silver (silver). You will find a wide variety of colors in the product range, but you have to keep in mind, that every tile is unique. It makes travertine so exceptionally exquisite. The last thing we can say about this stunningly beautiful stone is being boring. 

Travertine tiles come in so many different shades and colors that there are no two same tiles in the world. That’s because nature’s brush doesn’t duplicate. 

What color should you choose for your shower cabin? 

This part would be entirely up to you, but you should know a few things about the colors and the shades. You can use the following as a loose guideline when making a decision. 

Yellow travertine 

Yellow travertine brings a warm, pleasant, and cozy feeling with its characteristic yellowish-golden veins. Silver travertine, or Silver travertine, impresses with the variation of intertwining dark gray and light gray shades, which makes it the preferred choice in modern design.

Late-colored travertine 

Late travertine is an exclusive product of and, as its name suggests, the color of milk with coffee creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Travertine Classic is an exclusive stone with a cream color (the lightest shades with the lowest variation in color). It usually has smaller holes in the surface.

Chocolate brown travertine 

For more warmth and luxury, there’s the chocolate brown travertine. It comes in different and darker shades. Its natural pores are also finer. It is beautiful and sophisticated. It also adds softness to the atmosphere. 

Red travertine 

Besides brown chocolate, among the rich palette of colors, you will find reddish travertine, which attracts the eye with its soft shades in the red and pink range, but still stands discreetly in the spaces and fits any style in the layout.

Peach Travertine

Well. It isn’t an exact peach shade, but it reminds us of the warmth of the peach color. If you are looking for a bright accent, choose Peach Travertine – an amazing material with an orange tint for those who dare to choose a stone with a bright personality.

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