Italy Golden Visa

The Italian Golden Visa program is a government initiative that grants foreign investors the opportunity to get residency in Italy. Besides residency, you get other rights as well in exchange for a significant investment in the country’s economy.

This program is an attractive option for those looking to live and work in Italy. It’s also a good option for those who want to gain access to the European Union.

Besides all these, Italy is a country that offers delicious cuisine, a great landscape, and beaches. It’s also easy to connect with the rest of Europe thanks to the country’s location.

In this article, you’ll find more about Italy Golden Visa, its benefits, and the application process.

About Golden Visa in Italy

Italy Golden Visa Program was first introduced in 2017 to attract foreign investment in the country. It’s an opportunity for non-EU nationals to get European residency in exchange for a qualifying investment.

The residence permit is valid for two years at first. Then, you can extend it for another three years. In the meantime, you need to keep your investment.

An Italy investor visa doesn’t provide you with a direct route to citizenship. Yet, you can become an Italian citizen after 10 consecutive years of staying in Italy. This becomes available through naturalization. You can also keep your original citizenship status when you become an Italian citizen. So, dual citizenship is available if your home country allows it too.

Advantages of Italy Investor Visa

Italy Golden Visa provides several opportunities besides residency. The application process is also fast and easy. Let’s look at these benefits below:

  • Your family can be included in the program
  • You can travel in the Schengen Zone visa-free
  • Italian citizenship is available after 10 years of residency
  • A special tax regime will be available for you
  • You can benefit from Italian public healthcare, and
  • You and your family members can work in Italy.

Investment Options of Golden Visa in Italy

You may now wonder about Italy Golden Visa price.

There are four different investment options offered by Golden Visa in Italy. These are:

  • A €250,000 investment in an Italian startup. It needs to be an innovative one.
  • A €500,000 investment in an Italian limited company
  • Donations worth €1 million in total to a philanthropic initiative in Italy, and
  • An investment of €2 million in Italian government bonds.

How To Apply For Italy Golden Visa Program

Firstly, you need to get a certificate of no impediment called “Nulla Osta”. You can receive the document from the Investor Visa Italy official portal. After you get it, you’ll go to the Italian embassy in your country. You’ll submit an application for a two-year visa there.

The application includes some forms and details. You’ll create a personal account on the platform for this. Then, you fill in the forms and upload them. Before submission, you’ll verify your declaration with an electronic signature. Then, the authorities check your application of an investor visa for Italy, and answer within 30 days.

Once you get approval, you’ll visit the Italian embassy in your country within six months. Then, you’ll submit the relevant documentation and your Nulla Osta. After your visa is issued, you can visit Italy within two years.


The second step is getting your residence permit. After you arrive in Italy with an entry visa, you’ll submit an application for two years residence permit. You need to do this within eight days after your arrival. Also, you must complete your investment within three months of the day you arrive in Italy to get your residence permit.

For your Italy Golden Visa residence permit application, you’ll go to a local police station. You’ll submit your passport and entry visa there. Then, you’ll fill in the necessary details asked on the portal. These include your arrival date in Italy and your application date at the police station.

After you complete your investment, you’ll upload the proof of investment to the portal as well. Once approved, you’ll be issued a residence permit, or your permit will keep being valid if you have one.

In short, Italy citizenship by investment is an attractive option for those looking to live and work in Italy. If you want to get a European residency, you may consider it a great opportunity.