Jobs in Call Center

Today, there are many call center jobs available in the market. Telemarketing jobs are among the most popular call center jobs that are preferred by most businesses. These jobs are perfect for those who want to make an extra income at home. In telemarketing jobs, you will be dealing with clients as well as customers. With the advancement of technology, most of the tasks in telemarketing are carried out via the internet. BPO in the Philippines has been the home of experts in the industry, they are known for successfully turning leads into sales, and they also provide quality customer service with the main goal of successfully assisting each customer needs.

Call Center Agents Offer An Immediate Personal Response To Customer Calls

This helps businesses improve customer service and product satisfaction, irrespective of the cause of the call. But in the past, outsourcing to super call centers in other foreign countries was quite common. But with the growth of internet business around the globe, most of the businesses are now going for telemarketing rather than outsourcing to these countries.

Call Center Jobs Are Generally Done Via Telemarketing 

This simply means that call center agents work on a call center working platform, answering calls related to the business process outsourcing. This may include inquiries from the customers or help desk calls. The telemarketing agents will also handle sales-related calls, after knowing the requirement and interest of the particular customer.

The basic function of a telemarketing agent is to answer calls related to the client and to provide information related to the company. The telemarketing agents can be called from either toll-free numbers or even from email addresses. They can work independently or as part of a team. As they work from the platform, they can choose what to do and what not to do. In addition to this, they can decide how long to hold the call, how to phrase their responses, and many more things.

If you’re looking for a telemarketing job, then it’s essential that you should know about the different career paths available in this field. The three career paths are as follows: Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, and Executive. Each of the three career paths has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on how much time you can spare in your day. For example, if you’re interested in selling a particular product, then the sales & marketing career path may be the best one for you. However, you have to understand that this career path is demanding and requires telemarketing skills.

Consider Becoming A Telemarketing Customer Service Representative 

There are different kinds of customer service representative positions available at call centers. One of the most common is the inbound telemarketing call center representative. As the name suggests, here you will be dealing with customers or clients in an inbound manner. For instance, you can speak to a client by phone, email, or fax. In addition, if you’re a good inbound telemarketing executive, then you can present presentations and provide reports to clients.

Telemarketing Job Duties Related To Computer Applications And Computer Hardware 

You will, for instance, need to answer phone calls relating to the product as well as answer emails or faxes related to the product or information. In order to get promoted, you may need to go for the customer information queries and answer questions about the product. However, certain jobs at call centers may require extra computer applications and hardware experience, as most of the companies use these computer applications and hardware in order to monitor the transactions and make out a profit.

Technical Support Is Another Area In Which Telemarketing Call Center Agents Can Find Jobs 

This is because as technical support agents, they are required to be present during the start-up process when the system is still new so that they can help the users to set up the system or answer their technical support queries. They can also be present during the upgrading of the systems if any problems arise. Telemarketing also allows the companies to save money on costs like training for their employees and salaries as well as on paying benefits to them. Since the telemarketing job duties involve answering the phones as well as making calls, there’s no need for them to have any prior technical knowledge.

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