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For thousands of years Saudi Arabia was one of the closest contries on Western Asia due to strict rules and dogmas. Only several migrant crossed this contry. Since September 2019 the government changed rules about crossing the boundary. So what every traveller should know about this state? Here is a short summery about this country.

Saudi Arabia is the largest state on the Arabian Peninsula. The capital is Riyadh which is also the fastest city in developing with many skyscrapes for residence and for buisness. Also it has got several monuments of UNESCO`s heritage (Diriyah the first capital of Saudis). Most people in the world know that arabian countries has got a accumulations of  oil. But after fall price Crown Prince started several reforms. They have got a strategy of a country development (Saudi Vision 2030). Reforms will fundamentally. Among vision realisation programs are: National Industrial Development and Logistic Program, Financial Sector Development Program, Health Sector Transformation Program, Public Investment Fund Program, Housing Program, Douof Al Rahman Program, Fiscal Sustainability Program, Human Capability Development Program, Quality of Life Program, National Transformation Program, Privatisation Program. These programs will develop many economical sectors instead of gas and oil industry (Saudis will relieve oil dependency). Tourism in Sauisi Arabia is fast developing. For example there is held a festival Winter Tantora. During the time of this festival pop up restaurants open which attract many tourists. So what about the strict laws that regulates every life side in this country. Mecca is one of city that should attend every Islamite. Here is sacred place for muslims The Kaaba situated. Here some local princeples that everybody should follow if you don`t want to have problems with a law:

  •         The men and women wear differ traditional dresses. And toursists should also wear clothes that cover shoulders and knees
  •         There is place in a toilet where men and women can wash their feet
  •         You will never find a female maneken without a face. It is forbidden to draw and show femmale face everywhere
  •         There is a praytime 5 times a week. And all stores and shos are closed for a praytime 3 times a day.
  •         There are two sections in restaurants and in other public places Family and Single Section.
  •         There are murder related, terrorism, blasphemy, atheism, apostacy and witchery, drugs pnished by the death penalty  
  •         Local people don`t drink alkohol and alkohol is forbidden there. You can only buy non-alkoholic beer
  •         Homosexal or extra-marital sexual relations are punished by the according authorities
  •         Men don`t give women flower. It is higly offensive action

And what about professions that are in demand in Saudi Arabia? If you are searching for please jobs in Mecca welcome to his page. Here you will find the list of highly-demanded professions that constantly fill with new positions. From the nearest time retail, work in an airport and as a guide is appropriate for women. Our site propose jobs worlwide and have thousands od thankful clients all over the world. Mecca is full of  ihrams. So it is easy to find a job in touristic sphere. Here are some advices for beeing in this there:

  •         You should have llegal personal and jobs documents
  •         It isn`t allowed to have 2 or more passports in this country
  •         You should make a copy of your passport for identification wherever you go

Saudi Arabia has got special сonditions for expats. These people live saparately in special areas. So Saudi Arabia is open for people who wants to work there.

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