John F Cruz: Spirit of Innovation

RE: State of Utah Department of Business Regulation

John F Cruz began his list of innovations by designing his own Information’s Systems degree through a special University program long before MIS was made available at the University. What followed is a string of software product and innovations throughout John’s career.

STATE OF UTAH: John F. Cruz started his first company called Digital Performance in 1986. The company was formed to provide computer consulting services to state agencies for the State of Utah.

John was initially hired by Bill Dunn, the Director of the Department of Business Regulation, now known as the Business and Commerce. John was tasked to review each of the eleven divisions under the Department and analysis data flow bottlenecks throughout the department and propose solutions.

The most apparent problem was in the Division of Occupation and Professional Licensing DOPL. DOPL had high costs in using the State’s capital Information services computer solutions. However, the software was extremely limited and DOPL could not live up to its mandated responsibilities. In addition, the Department has an expensive Wang minicomputer that was mismanaged and only used as a word processor.

John proposed developing an automated licensure system for the Wang computer utilizing it available resources. The Department’s executive team wasn’t convinced. So John contacted two other state licensure divisions and designed out his licensure system vision. Later the department approached John to discuss a system development effort. John showed them his prototype system. John went on to complete the development of the License Manager System and the Enforcer system using contract programmer Clark Whitehead, John’s good friend and brilliant programmer. Mr. David Robertson, the Director of DOPL referenced John’s License Manager and Enforcer as the best system among other state agencies.

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