Join VSI Jaipur Coaching Classes to Get the Best CA Final Result

So, finally, you are just one step away from being a certified Chartered Accountant. CA Final course is tough to complete and you need good CA coaching to complete the syllabus on time, with revisions and practicing mock test papers. VSI Jaipur is your solution in achieving the best CA Final result and increasing your chances of securing a rank.

But why VSI Jaipur?

VSI Jaipur is the best CA Final coaching in India that has given the amazing CA Final results over the years. Its students have the record of ever-highest marks in CA Final, IPCC and Intermediate. VSI offers CA students a competitive and the right study environment. The entire faculty is well-versed in their respective subjects and has years of experience.

Other VSI features that help in obtaining the best CA Final results include quality mock test series, doubt-solving sessions, and  personalized guidance. And not to mention online and Pendrive classes so that students can continue their studies and preparation from the comfort of their homes.

VSI CA Final Result 2021

The CA Final result July 2021 is a proof of how efficient VSI classes are in fulfilling their students’ dream. Among 100 students, 81 of them cleared their CA Final exams. It shows the amazing CA Final passing percentage of VSI Jaipur. Moreover, its student Garima Kothari secured 8th rank in this exam.

Additionally, in the CA Final result Jan 2021, VSI Jaipur students secured AIR 29, AIR 30, and AIR 42.

After seeing the stunning CA Final result 2021 of VSI, now let’s check out how they are helping the students in clearing the exams with flying colors.

How are VSI Students Getting High Scores in the CA Final Results?

1. Exam-Oriented Lectures

The most important component of any CA preparation is a good understanding of the concepts. The lectures by VSI are exam-oriented and ensure that students understand and hold on to the topic. Moreover, the lectures deliver additional content and information otherwise not mentioned in the books. Students who wish to achieve the best CA Final result, should also focus on revision. Because of the exam-oriented lectures, the syllabus gets completed on time and gives students time for revisions.

2. Outstanding Compilers

The compilers by VSI help the students prepare thoroughly for their CA Preparation and secure good CA final exam results. Since the curriculum and the study material of the CA final is vast, it may be difficult for the students to understand and complete it on time. Moreover, there may be concepts unrelated to the curriculum, or the presentation of concepts can be complex. However VSI’s compilers are made by experts in a simple language, short and structured.

3. Quality Mock Test Series

Mock tests are an undeniable part of any exam preparation. Also, without mock tests, students can’t understand their weaknesses and strengths and the areas that need more focus. So, VSI conducts mock test series to evaluate each student and help them to prepare.

These mock tests are unbiased, and are based as per the latest ICAI guidelines, maintaining the same level of difficulty as the original exams. These mock test papers cover the entire syllabus and a major focus is given on question placement. As a result, this helps the student to secure well in the CA Final Result.

4. Frequent Problem-Solving Sessions

Problem-solving sessions are essential to help students resolve their doubts on particular concepts, or problems. The final curriculum is vast, and students frequently land themselves up in numerous doubts. So the faculty conducts frequent problem-solving sessions where students can clear all their doubts easily. VSI ensures no roadblocks to CA Final preparation and conducts these classes for the CA students.

5. Uninterrupted Online Classes

VSI has the best CA Final online classes in Jaipur, providing many benefits to the students. Students living outside of Jaipur can avail themselves of the VSI’s Jaipur online classes for their preparation and achieve a good CA Final Result. The platform for online classes offered by VSI is highly functional and robust to help students stream their online classes without any problem.

Moreover, as the students are also busy in their articleship training, they can manage their time properly. VSI offers unrestricted access to all the lectures so that students can watch them at their own comfort.

6. Personalized Guidance

Personalized guidance plays the most important role in getting a good CA Final result. After assessing the mock test results, VSI gives students a personalized guidance and study schedule to help students prepare better for the exams. The students receive guidance via telephone, and the faculty tries to address their issues most effectively. Furthermore, students are always motivated to perform better and keep their preparation strong.

These are the factors that make VSI Jaipur, a preferred Institute for CA Final. Also, comparing the overall CA Final result pass percentage 2021 with that of VSI, you’ll see a huge difference.

How to Join VSI CA Final Classes?

Now, you know how VSI is giving such amazing CA Final results over the years. So, interested students who wants to join the CA Final coaching can find the details below:

Eligibility: Students who have cleared IPCC/Intermediate

The Objective of the Classes:

  • To develop a thorough understanding of the subject under the ICAI Model.
  • To enhance the exam-specific answer pattern.
  • Students can improve their grades by 20 marks per subject by taking a Mock Test.

Course Duration: 5 Months

Course Material: English Module provided by VSI

CA Final Classes: Durgapura, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

The CA Final coaching fees for each group individually is Rs 50000. However, for both groups, the CA Final fee is Rs 90,000.

To join the Classes by personal visit:

  • By personal meeting, bring a photo, an ICAI registration letter if readily accessible, and an admission fee of Rs. 20,000/- to the Counselor’s Desk. The fee is adjustable in the final course fee.
  • Fill out the form and pay the registration fee or the entire fee with cash or a check.

To join the classes Online / by mail:

  • Download the application form from the link provided on the official page.
  • Fill it up. If available, include a photograph and a copy of your ICAI registration letter.
  • Please send it to the branch wherever you want to take the caching with us. For registration fee or total fee, send a par cheque, bank draught, or check payable to Vidya Sagar Career Institute Limited.

For online classes, click this link and select online. Following that, fill out all the necessary details and complete the payment. After that, you will get an email on how to carry out Online classes.


All these reasons are enough to choose VSI as your CA coaching Institute. VSI, which has secured 7 AIR 1st rank in the last 10 years, will help you to increase the chances of scoring high in the CA Final Result. Enroll with VSI today.