Keep Your Diabetes in Check with Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine

Diabetes is common in adults and older people. Although, some children are affected by diabetes as well because they do not have insulin resistance. If you look for answers to treat diabetes in modern medication, you would probably get medicine to keep your diabetes in control or a high insulin dosage to control high sugar levels.

Before anyone knew diabetes as a health concern, it was detected as a condition in Ayurvedic science. In 1000 BC, Ayurveda recognized diabetes as an emergency. Therefore, you’ll find many people talking and recommending ayurvedic diabetes medicine to control the body’s sugar levels. If you want to learn how ayurvedic medicines can be helpful to treat diabetes, scroll down to learn more.

What is diabetes in Ayurvedic terms?

Charaka Samhita is significant in Ayurveda. It is divided into eight parts, and these divisions are named Sarira, Kalpa, Siddha-Sthanas, Sutra, Vimana, Chikitsa, Nidana, and Endriya. All these eight parts together can be proven effective to control diabetes. To achieve the best results, experts recommend that you make lifestyle changes along with practicing yoga.

After being detected in 1000 BC, Ayurveda experts have found ways in which you can manage diabetes. They have written about it in Ayurvedic books. According to Ayurvedic literature, diabetes can be caused due to genetic disorders, diet, lifestyle, and environment. While striking a balance between all these components can allow you to control sugar-related health problems, you should be determined to achieve it.

How can you find a cure for diabetes in Ayurveda?

Some traditional herbs, fruits, and vegetables significantly impact the body compared to English medication. You must have heard doctors recommend their patients to consume bitter gourd juice, fenugreek seeds, apple, blueberries to maintain the glucose level in the body. However, some more herbs and vegetables can assist you with managing your diabetic condition.

You’ll find Ayurvedic diabetes medicine formed of herbs, fruits, and vegetables that have proven to help control diabetes. Each herb has its value in Ayurvedic terms. Scroll down to understand their value and effects.

1. Giloy

Giloy is a popular one for controlling type 2 diabetes. It can act as a hypoglycemic agent that produces insulin in the body. It allows you to decrease the sugar level in the body and assist you in managing diabetic problems.

2. Tulsi

The Indian herb is known for its antioxidant properties, and it is regarded as the best pre-medication for curing many diseases. Tulsi controls the blood sugar level in your body and detoxifies the blood regularly. For people dealing with type 2 diabetes, eating Tulsi leaves is an excellent remedy to increase insulin sensitivity.

3. Ginger

It contains a lot of vitamin C, which is suitable for diabetic patients. Ginger helps in maintaining the immunity in the body and keeps up the energy levels.

4. Amla

Another most natural home remedy for diabetes is Amla. It is beneficial for many purposes, including boosting immunity, promoting hair growth, and maintaining skin glow. Amla also helps in keeping your blood sugar level consistent and in control. You can eat amla and your prescribed medication, which will keep you active and healthy.

5. Black Jamun

It is rich in alkaloids that keep a check on blood sugar levels. Black Jamun consists of 80% water and regulates the sugar level in your urine and blood.

You can look for a store where you can get effective ayurvedic medicine to cure conditions like diabetes. The results with Ayurveda might take time to reflect on, but they will surely stay with you for a lifetime. Decide what’s best for your condition and move forward.

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