Kentucky Derby 2023 Horses: Lineup, Favorites, and Sleepers

Bettors are once again sitting at the edge of their seats, awaiting one of the most anticipated horse racing events in the United States, the Kentucky Derby. Like with any other horse races and the past Kentucky Derby events, bettors are on the move in studying and determining which of the participating horses will be profitable to bet on.

If you are a bettor betting on the 2023 Kentucky Derby race, here is the full list of the lineup you should expect this May 6. We will also discuss who among these contenders are the favorites and the potential sleepers this year.

Top 7 2023 Kentucky Derby Lineup

Here is the list of the top ten 2023 Kentucky Derby contenders that might be useful for you in helping identify the possible winner of the title this year.

Arabian Knight

The number one on the list is Arabian Knight, with an odds of 5-1. This contender is originally a horse under trainer Bob Baffert but will be running under the management of Tim Yakteen.


The next horse that will be running on the Churchill Downs is Forte. Trained by Todd Pletcher and is currently the holder of the most points in the Road to the Kentucky Derby with 90 points. Moreover, Forte holds 7-1 odds.


Another Tim Yakteen entry has reached the top five with odds of 15-1. He now has 15 points in the Derby Prep Race. He is expected to run in the Arkansas Derby this Coming April to earn more Derby qualifying points.

Tapit Trice

Another contender of the Kentucky Derby with 15-1 odds is Tapit Trice. He is preparing to race the Tampa Bay Derby, hoping to win and earn sufficient points to stay among the top 20 Kentucky Derby hopefuls.

Confidence Game

Trained by Keith Desormeaux, Confidence Game is indeed packed with confidence as he races his way to the Kentucky Derby race holding the third-highest qualifying points on the Prep race. Confidence Game also holds an odds of 20-1.

Hit Show

13th on the prep race list of the Road to the Kentucky Derby, Hit Show is among the top 20 horses that qualify for the Kentucky Derby with 20 points. He will likely participate in the Wood Memorial race, which will help him earn more than 100 points if he wins.

Red Route One

A horse race will not be completed without Steve Asmussen’s entry, and this year’s contender is Red Route One. He has 20-1 betting odds, which could change after his possible participation in the Louisiana Derby.

Kentucky Derby Top 3 Favorites

Since you already know the top 10 contenders of the Kentucky Derby this year, let us move on to the top 3 favorites you should watch out for when betting on the event.

The number one favorite of this year’s Kentucky Derby is Arabian Knight. Even though it isn’t a shock given that Bob Baffert trains the thoroughbred, a world-renowned horse trainer is considered one of the greatest trainers of all time. But, with Baffert’s current controversy, bettors feel pity for this unexpected outcome.

With this outcome comes the huge decision that Baffert needs to make, which is to let his close friend and co-trainer Tim Yakteen take Arabian Knight to give the horse a chance to race and win the event. That’s why the thoroughbred’s efforts will not be wasted, as he will be running on the Churchill Downs this May.

The next favorite for this race is Forte. Forte is the juvenile champion for 2022 and made a triumphant comeback in the Fountain of Youth at Gulfstream Park, maintaining his position as the betting frontrunner for the Kentucky Derby on May 6.

The third favorite for this year is Instant Coffee. He had favorable conditions on both of his most recent victories. In the wake of Risen Star, he may also be the favorite in the Louisiana Derby. Looking through his previous races since he started his career, Instant Coffee won 3 out of 4 of the races he participates in.

Aside from his wins, he also has Brad Cox as a trainer, which is why many fans and bettors have high hopes for the thoroughbreds.

The Potential Sleeper This Year

A sleeper is a player, team, or contender who you believe will perform better than average or have a spectacular game despite the general public’s low expectations.

In every race, there is a sleeper many don’t expect to win but finish victorious. Bettors are even advised to rely on the favorite when betting and look into other horses that might not be known but have the potential to win.

One of the possible sleepers this year is Raise Cain. He isn’t that popular in the 149th Kentucky Derby race and is not included as a favorite. Raise Cain might not have an amazing race record, but he is doing his best to improve, which manifested in his last race, where he won.

In Conclusion

As the 149th Kentucky Derby race is nearing, bettors are starting to study the contenders and their capability to win. Use the data above to help you figure out who among the contenders will give you the most profit on your 2023 Kentucky Derby betting journey.

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