Kevin Muttschall Sets New Guinness World Record at Global Village

Global Village, one of the most important tourist complexes in the United Arab Emirates, where it is possible to get to know and enjoy the different cultures around the world up close, has presented the last season of the Mission Speed Stunt Show, a show of stunts and car chasing at high speed brimming with action and adrenaline.
During the event, the Mission Speed team managed to claim two new Guinness World Record ™ titles in front of an excited audience that cheered the risky pilots in the arena of the show, who took it upon themselves to bring the world record count to 20 that already owns Global Village, with the ambitious project of reaching 25 Guinness records in 25 weeks.

The rider Kevin Muttschall starred in the first record of the day
Kevin Muttschall, a professional stunt pilot who has performed more than 15,000 live shows worldwide, in the company of fellow pilot Christian Díaz García, were responsible for achieving the first world record of the day: “most donuts (drift spins) around a car driving on two wheels in one minute ”, driving their vehicles on two wheels.
The drivers managed to complete 12 laps on their third official attempt, one of the most challenging stunts of the event. The official Guinness World Record confirmed the perfect execution of the twelve laps while driving on two wheels, thus surpassing the previous record of 10 laps that had been set by Chinese drivers Han Yue and Zhang Shengjun in November 2014.

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