Keyword Optimization Using Android Keyword Tool

Keyword optimization plays a significant role in improving your search results ranking. The algorithms of the Apple app store and Google Play work differently. The way keywords are indexed and ranked is also different. While the Apple app store gives a separate keyword field, you will have to target keywords to be noticed by the algorithm in the Google Play store.

Google Play Store is the largest app marketplace for over 3 million apps and billions of active users. These app store visitors use Google search to find your app. Therefore, you need to match the words used by them in the search queries to those keywords used in your app store listing. This will help you to rank well in the app store search results and appear as the most viable option to your potential user.

Android keyword tool for your app store optimization.

  • The most important part of the app store optimization strategy is to perform detailed keyword research.
  • You will need to understand your app’s category and the keywords that perfectly describe your app and match it with the search queries of your target audience.
  • The android keyword tool will take care of finding the most relevant keywords for your app. So, you can save the effort and time guessing these keywords.
  • Keyword Planner will help you to research keywords for your app’s search campaigns.
  • This free tool will help you discover new keywords related to your app category and view the search and cost estimates.

Key benefits of the android keyword tool.

  • Get suggestions for new keywords suitable for your app category, product/service.
  • Get a monthly overview of the number of searches for specific keywords.
  • Find the average cost estimate for your keyword search ad to appear on the app store search results.
  • Learn ways in which you can organize and fit the keywords into different categories relevant to your app.
  • Use the keyword tool to create and implement new campaigns focused on in-depth keyword research.

However, the keyword tool can only support the research and target. Still, the success of the keyword research campaigns depends on other factors, such as the budget, the app’s product or service, and user behavior.

Boosting the app’s discoverability using optimized keywords.

  • Optimized keywords help you maneuver well the challenges in the app stores. You will be in a position to make your app stand out and race for the top charts.
  • App promotions by implementing Google ads can prove beneficial in boosting your app installs. It is one of the popular paid marketing that will favor your app’s growth.
  • An app with a smaller budget can focus on devising and implementing an effective app store optimization strategy. An ASO plan is the best organic way to boost your app installs.
  • The Ios App Marketing Services will help identify the most relevant and popular keywords to optimize your app elements. After choosing the optimized set of keywords, Google Play Store will take your app to the right audience.
  • Your app installs, and user base will grow exponentially when you identify these relevant keywords and include them in your app store listing.


While some app store visitors search for apps with their exact names, others will use words related to your app or its core function. Using an optimized set of keywords in your app’s key elements can influence the Google Play algorithm to choose your app among the top search results.

However, the Google Play store also considers apps with good performing metrics such as the app’s conversion, engagement, and retention rates. Therefore to improve your app’s discoverability and rank well in the play store, you need the help of an appropriate ASO strategy.

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