Know All About Alicia Bay and Her Writing Style

Well, if you are looking for an all-rounder then Alicia Bay will not surprise you. She can write, draw and sing and loves to live in peace with nature. She has written both fiction and non-fiction books and what makes them unique is that all of them are published hand-lettered in her beautiful cursive writing, depicted via ink line drawings and colorful illustrations. She has designed her books on her own and what makes her an environmental friendly person is that all the books are printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks. Even the music and lyrics of the songs performed by her are written by her.

Her stories and musical performances are a piece of her signings and art gallery introductions. The hand-written illustrated pages of her books are presented to the fashion designers who embroider their organic fabrics and then she performs the songs at fashion events. She has eight musical albums in her kitty and has been the all-in-one source behind the hard work. Right from licensing the songs to creating the package design and managing online sales, she is a one-man army dealing with it all. One thing which lies in her bucket list is making an animated movie. Well, let’s see how long does it take her to fulfill that!!!

Speaking about the chirpy nature of Alicia Bay, she is idealistic, highly innovative, chatty and wants to try her hands at everything. She has a big to-do list and a great amount of paperwork to sort. What would entice her fans is that she can book a 2-hour performance without any script in her hands. She can perform anything, any move, any story, any song and keep the audience engaged.

She is a self-made woman and carries her legacy all round the world. She self-funded her books and music performance and performs tours where she sells her books, art, recordings, and other stuff. Well, she has turned 70, but you wouldn’t notice any signs of slowing down!

Well, Alicia Bay Laurel is an amazingly smart American artist, author, musician and narrator. You can best call her out for her 1970 book “Living on the Earth” is a noticeable guide for contributors in the back-to-the-land movement in America in the years of 1960s and 70s. The first edition of the book of 10000 copies got sold in just two weeks. Living on the Earth: The Musical is a new one-woman, act show of original, oversensitive stories about the birth and outcome of the book. Her widespread, global exhibits and performance also include fashion design and illustration along with art and music.

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