Know the facts before you donate Zakat this year

Muslims pray various forms of prayer and offering for the satisfaction of the Supreme power, Allah. Every offering or sacrifice is for Allah only in Islam. A Muslim Or believer may have to leave jealousy or Donate money, making the world a better place but, the core success lies in Allah’s satisfaction. Allah (SWT) preached In the Holy Quran, mentioning it in the form that nothing of the animals Muslims sacrifice during Eid-Ul-Adha reach him. Only good intentions and beliefs matter. Zakat is one of the five primary elements of Islam. A Muslim need to believe in these primary teaching before anything. Otherwise, clear orders are saying that person goes out of the protection of Islam. Donating a specific (2.5%) amount of money from our savings every year is Zakat. It is an extremely wise and practical teaching of Islam.

On the one hand, the monetary sacrifice will help the poor to establish a living. Also, the rich can understand the value of money and be thankful to Allah for the gifts. So, you should know the basics of the Zakat system to establish an economic balance in society and achieve a prize in the afterlife.

Zakat calculations

Islam is all about balance, progress, and prosperity. It does not preach to leave your social life or harm your body in any means. Contrary to most popular beliefs, Islam allows a man to be an extraordinarily creative and honest business person. Zakat is a must for every capable man and woman of valid age. It is known as the Nisab amount. In earlier days, people used to calculate Nisab in Gold or Silver according to the Fiqh. Nowadays, you can easily calculate the equivalent value of your goods with gold or silver in the international market. If you have a saving equivalent to three ounces of gold or twenty-one ounces of silver, you must pay Zakat. 2.5% of your total savings will be your Zakat amount. Islam is liberal and allows you to be creative on the Zakat giveaway. You can decide how to give your Zakat in cash, helping establish a business, or other ways. But, it is more appreciable to help a family for permanent growth than many people with temporary help. Now that you know your Nisab and Zakat amount let us proceed to the recipients. Anybody can not receive Zakat, according to Islam. Specific Criteria are essential before you choose your Zakat candidate.

Zakat candidate

The first criteria are to be poor who can not support the family alone. It is excellent to help a family stand up on their feet. But, you have to make sure not to give Zakat to any of your direct family members. If a family member already depends on you, then it is not right to give him Zakat. Orphans can receive Zakat if they do not get enough property in inheritance. It is an excellent opportunity to include more people in the faith of Islam. You can also offer Zakat to people new to the religion. New Muslims usually have to leave their old properties and income sources if it was not Halal. So, it gets very tough for new Muslims to adapt to a new society without any financial support. Zakat to new Muslims is a great way to welcome brothers and sisters to show the beauty of Islam. They were providing Zakat to free the slaves used to be the most popular and valuable sector in ancient Arab. But, nowadays, there is no slavery. So, you can spend on people who do not have any savings currently. Musafir or Muslim travelers with fewer resources are a great candidate for your Zakat.

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