Lack of interest in Sex – is it normal?

You are not the only one feeling discouraged, frustrated, embarrassed, or ashamed by your lackluster interest in sex. Around 43% of women, and 31% for men, have reported sexual dysfunction issues. These include low sex drive. Low sex drive can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or gender. Fortunately, it’s treatable.

Most of the people suffering from low sex drive either suffer silently and are too shy to come out and seek help. We will help you find the root cause of your lackluster in sex, and then guide you to a treatment plan that will bring back your passion.

Overview of low libido

Hormones are mainly responsible for controlling your sex drive (also known as your libido). Progesterone and estrogen are the most prominent sex hormones in women, although women also produce low levels of testosterone. For men, testosterone is the most prominent sex hormone. However, regardless of gender, testosterone is the main driver behind sexual desire in men and women. Hormonal changes can have an enormous impact on your interest and ability to have sex.

Both men and women can experience changes in their libido in different ways. We can better help you to understand the root cause of low libido and return you to a happier lifestyle.

Women’s libidos change

Women are less likely to desire sex because they have lower testosterone levels. There are many reasons why you might not feel the right mood.

Stressed out

Sex is not something you should think about if you are stressed. Sex can be a stress reliever for men, but not always for women. Write down your stress and find other ways to deal with it. This will allow you to have more time for intimacy.

You are using birth control

We already mentioned that testosterone is a hormone that drives sex. You can reduce your testosterone levels by taking hormonal contraceptives.

Pills also eliminate the ovulation portion of the menstrual cycles, which is when women feel most ready for sex. Low libido can also occur in pregnant women.

You feel pain

Sometimes, sex doesn’t feel right. You shouldn’t ignore your pain when you have sex. It could be that your skin is dry or in need of lubrication. Or, you may have an STD. If you are experiencing painful sex, Seek medical help immediately.

Most of the cases in women libido changes are curable and can be enhanced with proper lifestyle changes and medications designed specifically for women like Lovegra- the female Viagra. Taking this generic Viagra can not only improve your sex drive but would also help you achieve an improved desire for sex. Lovegra will increase blood flow and sensitivity in the vaginal area. Thanks to Lovegra women will get better lubrication and an increased success rate during intercourse. 

Libido changes in men

A low sex drive in men could be due to several factors, such as:

Low testosterone levels

Low testosterone is the most common reason for low libido among men. Low testosterone can be caused by many things, including injuries to the testicles, hormone disorders, testicular carcinoma, infections, and other chronic illnesses. Low testosterone can be treated by replacing the testosterone lost with hormone therapy.

You aren’t doing enough exercise

You may have health problems if you’ve spent a lot of time on the couch and not done any physical activity. This could affect your ability to have sex.

You’re getting older

As you age, your testosterone levels drop off. When you are a teenager, your testosterone levels are highest. Then, as you age, it starts to decrease.

Like women the man’s libido can also be improved through lifestyle changes and proper medications designed for men like Viagra or Kamagra.

The active compound of Kamagra is Sildenafil Citrate, which belongs to the type of medicines known as PDE-5 inhibitor. Sildenafil Citrate increases the blood flow to the penis following by sexual stimulation. Kamagra is Viagra generic, designed specifically to cure ED and lower sex drive. Kamagra can be ordered from online pharmacy without prescription, although is highly advised to discuss your condition with specialist before any self medication.

Both men and women experience changes in their libido 

Low libido cannot always be caused by hormone fluctuations. You might be unable to have intimate relationships if you are tired, not feeling your best physically or emotionally. Intimacy can also be affected by alcohol and drugs. If you are in a long-term relationship, it is possible that your passion has diminished.

You don’t have to be bored with sex. No matter what the reason, you can return to a life full of passion. It is important that you diagnose hormone deficiencies, psychological factors and other medical conditions. You should opt for lifestyle changes to address libido problems. So do not let another day pass without passion. 

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