Largest Area for Wireless Dog Fences

There are two types of wireless pet fences. One type is above ground and the other is underground. The above ground option covers a maximum of 3/4 of an acre. This type of wireless dog fence requires preparation to set up the wire. A wireless dog fence that goes underground can cover up to 6 acres. However, the installation process is more complicated than installing an above ground model. The most important factor is whether the area of the property you want to fence is large enough for the wireless pet fence.

SpotOn GPS Fence

The SpotOn GPS Dog Fence is available in two sizes. Dogs with neck sizes of up to 10 inches can be fitted to the smaller collar, while larger dogs can use the large collar. These collars have a more advanced smartphone app, which is easy to use and connects to nearly 30 satellites and four global constellations. The SpotOn uses GPS to track your dog’s location, which allows you to keep tabs on where he goes and what he does inside his space. The collar will also vibrate if he reaches the boundary of the wireless fence.

The SpotOn GPS Dog Fence is a great solution for large areas. It works well in areas from half an acre to a thousand acres. It’s a portable GPS dog fence, which means no need to worry about wiring or base stations. The SpotOn GPS Fence can cover an unlimited area and doesn’t require professional installation or maintenance. The SpotOn GPS Dog Fence is also cellular-enabled, which means you don’t need to worry about installing the fence yourself. It is also easy to use in any location.

PetSafe Stay Play Wireless Fence

The PetSafe Stay Play Wireless Fence is a radial fencing system that covers an area of up to 0.8 acres, or about 35,000 square feet. This dog fence can also be expanded, by adding an additional transmitter, to cover a larger area. The wireless dog fence is waterproof and lightweight, and it fits dogs with neck sizes ranging from six to 23 inches. However, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing this device.

A PetSafe Stay Play Wireless Fence is a great choice for dogs who need to be contained in their own home, but don’t have the space to install a conventional dog fence. The wireless fence prevents them from wandering beyond the boundary and can be a lifesaver for dogs who often like to escape. If you own a large property, the wireless dog fence can prevent your dog from running off, and it keeps people passing by your home safe.

Free-Spirit In-Ground Fence

With the Free Spirit In-Ground Fence wireless dog fencing system, you can customize the boundaries of your yard. A radio signal travels through the buried wire to the dog collar. When your dog approaches the boundary wire, a beep or vibration is sent to the collar. Your dog cannot go beyond the boundary wire without getting tangled. When your dog gets too close to the boundary wire, the collar notifies you via beeps or vibrations.

The Free Spirit In-Ground Fence comes with a receiver, transmitter, a spool of wire, and marker flags. You can also use the transmitter to train your dog to stay within the yard boundary. A GPS dog fence system can accommodate a dog of any size. These systems can also accommodate as many as three dogs in one yard. The Free Spirit In-Ground Fence is an excellent choice if you want to keep your dog safe and healthy.

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence System

The JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence System has a great deal of flexibility. It can be set up in a matter of minutes, and will contain your dog within half an acre. It has a collar with a wireless signal that is adjustable. It also has a collar with a low-voltage shock that can correct a dog if it escapes the perimeter. Unlike some other types of wireless dog fences, the collars do not shock a dog outside the perimeter area.

The JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence System is very portable, and comes with a high-capacity battery. You can use it continuously for up to 24 hours. The collar is made of alloy rubber, and is non-abrasive to your pooch’s skin. The size of the area that it can cover should be within ten to 110 pounds. While it does have a wide range, it does not cover thick obstacles well.

Realhunlee Wireless Electric Dog Fence System

Among wireless dog fence systems, the Realhunlee Wireless Electric Dog Fence is the best. Its wireless dog collar uses GPS Technology to prevent your dog from escaping the boundary. In case of no GPS signal, it automatically shuts off the device. The battery of this electronic dog fence is rechargeable and lasts up to eight hours. A single charge takes two hours. However, the battery is not long enough to keep your dog safely inside the boundary.

When purchasing the Realhunlee Wireless Electric Dog Fence, you have to consider various factors. Firstly, you should consider the price. Remember that the higher the price, the better is the quality. But make sure to consider the area of the wireless dog fence before settling for it. A big area wireless dog fence should have a larger range of coverage than smaller ones. In addition, it should be long lasting. You don’t want to buy a fence that breaks after a few months of use.


Purchasing cheap products does not always mean they will last long. Some cheap products aren’t worth the money. A robust product will last for months. Check if it has been modified or has new features. Buying a durable product means you can count on it. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits for years to come. If you’re considering buying a wireless dog fence system, make sure you check out the following information.