Laser Cap for Hair Growth: 2021’s Best Laser Cap

Truth be told when it comes to growing, maintaining, or regrowing hair. There isn’t necessarily a one treatment fits all when it comes to hair maintains. Everyone’s hair is unique and requires individualized products and treatments. 

No matter how unique your hair concerns are, there is one middle ground. One of the most efficient, non-surgical methods of stimulating hair growth is the use of laser caps, which are based on photobiologic therapy.

A laser cap for hair growth looks like a regular baseball cap and is battery operated. All you do is simply put it on, turn it on, and wear it wherever you go.

Laser Caps: How Do They Work?

A laser cap is lined (on the inside) with electronic components called laser diodes. When you wear the cap, it illuminates your hair follicles with red laser light beams at a pre-set, optimal intensity and wavelength. These beams are not harmful, and most laser caps have been FDA cleared.

The red laser beams are absorbed by cells in your hair follicles. These cells are infused with energy that encourages cellular restoration and hair growth. Furthermore, your hair follicles are jolted or awakened from their ‘slumber’ into a more active, functional state in which they produce healthy, thick hair with constant use.

The use of laser caps has been scientifically proven to be effective and a safe method of stimulating hair growth in both men and women. Another noteworthy benefit of the laser cap is that it serves as a great complement for other hair loss/growth remedies, as it aids in producing faster results compared to other remedies being used in isolation.

Laser Cap for Hair Loss

The laser cap is an effective treatment for hair loss. However, results may vary among individuals, as levels of hair loss may vary. In some, the laser cap may slow down or totally stop hair loss, while in others, other therapies may need to be used concurrently for maximum results. Especially for individuals suffering from advanced hair loss.

Varying results may also depend on how well an individual follows their treatment protocol. However, it is important with all laser caps that you use it consistently and thoroughly .

Are Laser Caps Safe?

The laser cap has been known to have no side effects. It is safe and effective and proven an effective treatment for hair loss in both men and women. After charging it, you can simply place it under your ball cap and turn it on for thirty minutes. It is strictly hands-free and such a convenient way to grow your hair while you go about your daily activities.

2021’s Best Laser Cap System 

Our favorite laser cap is the Kiierr Laser Cap System that can accommodate multiple treatments per charge. They have two sizes to choose from for the most comfortable fit. All of Kiierr’s laser caps are FDA cleared with no reported side effects. They treat thinning and balding hair, reverse hair loss, and promote healthy hair growth. It has a wall charger power plug, a USB cord, and a portable power pack, you can literally wear it anywhere! Ready for the best part? You don’t have to worry about overshooting the thirty-minute timeline — the Kiierr Laser Cap will automatically turn off after thirty minutes!

Kiierr also offers way more than just laser caps. They had a hair growth supplement bundle that includes, DHT blocking shampoo, conditioner, Biotin gummies and more. Their testimonials speak for themselves. 


Laser caps for hair loss are convenient, easy, and safe. Not only are they convenient to use; but a 93% success rate has been recorded in clinical studies following their use. Laser caps can be used alongside other therapies. Choose a laser cap for a safer method to restoring your hair. The Kiierr laser cap is definitely becoming a 2021 craze. 

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