Laser Hair Removal Solution for You


Laser hair removal acts as the permanent hair reduction that is well known as the treatment to reduce unwanted hair from your body.If you want to get a permanent solution for laser hair, hair removal laser treatment is the best option for you that is popular among women and men as well. Women who have facial hair for hormonal imbalance see laser as a boon. Laser hair reduction is an ideal solution for those people who suffer from ingrown hair and for men who like hair-free skin. Laser hair is the mostcommon problem for human beings and laser hair removal is a permanent method all over the world. This treatment can add flashing light of a certain wavelength on the skin. Read this article to know more information about laser hair removal solutions.

Laser Hair Removal:

Hirsutismmeans excess hair growth due to hormonal imbalance such as PCOD and Hypertrichosismeans hairy body and face from birth. This is a problem of social embarrassment. For this reason, men and women may be unhappy with a hairy body and want a clean look.They want to be free from ingrown hair that repeated boils or folliculitis after shaving and waxing.Laser hair removal is a solution that works on the principle of selective photo-thermolysis. If you want to apply laser energy of a particular wavelength on the skin, the hair roots absorb the beam of light, Dr. NiketaSonavane, (Celebrity Dermatologist and founder of Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai) will help you very much. This energy is perfect todestroy the hair rootso that the growth of hair is permanently reduced. Laser hair removal is well known as permanent laser hair removalin Mumbai.There are many lasers for hair removal in Mumbai, such as Ruby, alexandrite, diode, Nd: YAG, and IPL. By this method, you will get the best results in individuals, if you have dark hair on your light skin.

There are many types of laser devices with longer wavelengths in Mumbai. These devices are the best for Indian skin tones. The doctor gives painless hair removal if you areafraid of painful treatment. A diode is another device for hair removal that is ideal for dark skin color. There are many people, who would like to avoid waxing and shaving who can have laser hair removal. For women, considering upper lip, underarms, and bikini hair removal are the best option. On the other hand,men have the option for hair removal on the chest, back, and laser beard shaping as well.If you are dealing with PCOS, you should completethe hormonal tests and medications. Then the doctor can start your permanent hair removal sessions. Every person can have full-body laser hair removal to stop ingrown hair, boils, and dark spots.You can get this treatment by avoiding plucking, threading, and waxing for at least 4 weeks before your laser treatment. As the laser targets the hair roots, then waxing or plucking removes them easily.


Shaving is a good solution, but it is not a permanent solution. So, you need the laser hair reduction appointment to get a better result that will be permanent for you. So, you should contact Dr. NiketaSonavane and create an appointment as soon as possible does shaving make hair grow thicker? Some people believe shaving can make hair grow thicker because the hairs are cut off and new growth is then pushed up to fill in the gaps. This process of regrowth can take up to six weeks, which could result in thicker hair.

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