Learn How to Line Dance with These Techniques and Tips

Dancing is a great activity suited for people of all ages, genders, and types of athleticism. It is an inclusive element that binds people together and makes them have fun in the process! In case you are wondering whether to start dancing or not, we tell you you have got to at least give it a go!

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Among some of the most popular types of dancing, we can find line dancing. It is a type of dancing that involves many people and can be quite easy to get started with. Here we will expand on what line dancing is, and what are some of the most popular dance moves to get things going!

What Is Line Dancing?

Line dancing is a type of choreographed dance where a group of individuals dance to a repeated sequence of steps, organized in one or several lines of people. Most of the time, the rows face in the same direction. You can sometimes see that the dancers may be facing each other, but this is less common.

A very peculiar trait about line dancing is that the dancers don’t come into contact with each other—something that does happen in circle dancing, for instance—, but rather dance in organized patterns of lines or rows.

Different Types of Line Dancing You Can Find

As you may have guessed beforehand, most line dancing is done in country-western-themed bars, ballrooms, dance clubs, and social clubs, to mention a few places where line dancing is practiced. It can sometimes be combined with other country-western kinds of dancing too, like western promenade dances, two-step, swing, polka, and waltz, for example.

You may also stumble upon the term “modern line dancing”. It stems from the principle that a mix of several new-era styles of line dancing is taught there and that those are clubs where attendants don’t wear western-styled garments such as boots or other western-distinctive items of clothing. If you get around line dancing long enough, you’ll notice that many line dance instructors teach pop, big band, and Irish line dancing, generally while wearing casual clothing.

Most Popular Line Dance Steps


The Brush is a type of sweeping motion that is created with the ball of the foot. It ends in the air, and it can either have a backward or forward action.


The Charleston is a type of step that involves a pattern of 4 steps, counted from 1 to 4. It can start with a forward tap, but it usually follows a step forward tap or kick, rear step and touch behind.

Cha Cha Cha

The Cha Cha Cha is a weird step, since it is done in 3 steps but to the count of 2 beats. The triple step is within the 2 beats while being done in place.

Where Can I Find a Line Dance Instructor?

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