LeMieux Horsewear: Fly Veils 

LeMieux is the number one choice for equestrian products by champion riders in the United Kingdom. We have invested in the manufacture of high-quality products for horse wear and accessories, which are also stunningly beautiful and stylish, to suit the needs of riders from various disciplines. LeMieux horsewear is a choice of many award-winning world-class riders like the multiple world & Olympic championships team of Valegro and Dujardin.

Our product categories range from boots, saddle pads, riding bags, holster, bell bells, fly veils, whips, fly masks and fringes, girths and gaiters, bandages, sheepskin pads, hay nets, rugs and blankets, saddles & saddle cloths, ropes & panic hooks, riding shirts, polos & competition clothing for women. 

What are LeMieux Fly veils?

The fly veil is a piece of gear that is worn when riding the horse, to protect its ears from getting distracted by flies and other biting insects. They are especially effective with sensitive horses when out hacking or schooling them, calming the muffling sounds and helping the horse relax under windy conditions and adrenaline-charged environments like racing competitions.

LeMieux fly veils are designed with the competitive rider in mind, serving both function and style purposes. The fly veils are made from close-knit crotchet braiding, then lined with a luxurious Lycra ear fabric that is both soft, breathable, and comfortable. Also known as ear bonnets, fly veils can also be worn with matching bandages, saddle pads, fleece, and polo for a matchy look.

The fly veil allows your horse to have both comfort and protection at the same time and is pretty easy to put on. The veil easily slips over the horses’ ears, sitting neatly under the bridle. The fly veils are available in a variety of colours to suit the different preferences of fashion-conscious equestrians. As for those riders that use earplugs on their horses, a fly veil would particularly help keep the earplugs in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the fly veils legal in competitions?

A: Yes, fly veils are now legal and can be worn in competition arenas and events of all disciplines. However, the emphasis on how they should be worn dictates that: the ear veils should allow for the free movement of the horses’ ears, and should not be attached to the horses’ noseband.

Q: Why do I need a fly veil?

A: A fly veil protects the horse’s ears from flies and insects, especially in the summer months. The ear bonnets are also very helpful with horses that are easily spooked by muting confusing sounds and winds that may spook the horse. Also, the fly veils can be used together with other horse wear and accessories for a stylish, matchy look on the tracks.

Q: How challenging is it to fit a fly veil?

A: Fitting a horse veil is easy as long as it is the right size, and the horse does not flip its head too much. The fly veil is designed to fit snuggly over the ears, then tucked and secured with a bridle from underneath.

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