As one of the big and fastest growing social media network with over50 million professional users, unlike other social media network LinkedIn platform is about quality of your postings and not volume of your concepts. Companies top decision makers and business owners use LinkedIn platform for new ideas and emerging online business trendsso as to stay ahead of the game.

Getting started.

The first step to marketing on LinkedIn is to create LinkedIn Loginwith an attractive business profile that will entice clientele to you. After creating LinkedIn Login you now create a LinkedIn company/business page, now that your company page is married automatically to your profile you will now need to update your account frequently to keep in touch with your buyers or LinkedIn shoppers, and your business partners. The point of updating your profile frequently with captivating ideas is to give your company or business advantages such as?

  • Business to customer(B2C)relationship will grow due to quick response on Q and A.
  • By frequently updating your business page with captivating messages and pictures of products and services you provide your clients with options of what to buy from your company this will increase traffic hence boost your business.
  • Frequently updated LinkedIn business websites experience traffic due to the new wave of clientele who are embracingonline business platform, your business or company won’t be left behind.
  • By updating your LinkedIn page and staying online all the time you’ll have a higher ranking on Google which favors sites with great reputation over latest LinkedIn sites.

How to use LinkedIn to Market your business

LinkedIn Marketing is one of the leading social media platform used by many big and small business owners to connect their products and services to customers through socialization. There are various ways you can use your LinkedIn page to market products/services. Below are ways you can market your products:-

  1. Enhance your LinkedIn profile, it should be top notch by using the following outlines:
  • Professional headshot, make sure you dress appropriate or professional according to your area of expertise.
  • Your professional headline should have keywords or phrases that your client might search in order to find you on the platform.
  • Summary should be simple and short
  • Recommendations from previous clients or customers.
  1. Create a LinkedIn page for your business
  2. Develop your 30 second elevator tone, this will give more confidence when you talk to others on LinkedIn about your products and your services, is the perfect way where others will know about your expertise and qualifications and how you can help them solve their needs.
  3. Find your target viewers, using the search tools available inside LinkedIn you can easily find ideal clients as a first step to building a new relationship.
  4. Use the newsfeed wisely, use newsfeed to share updates about your business, make meaningful posts and interact with your network, the main objective here is to share content that will cause engagement and focus around who you are and what you have to offer.
  5. Publish an article, LinkedIn publisher is the perfect tool to share your knowledge and skill about topics concerning your field. Your focus should be in areas of your specialization.
  6. Create a pod, a pod is group of individuals that support and interact with each other on LinkedIn. This feature will help push your content out to more people which inturn will make you popular. The perfect size of a pod is between 15-20 people.

LinkedIn platform is a professional marketing platform that brings together both B2B and B2C. It doesn’t matter which category your company is. Your LinkedIn profile should be professional and appealing to your targeted audience which most people in really sense have failed to do that. That’s why you need a professional with experience on social media marketing. Won’t take much of your time, just check us at buysocialfan and shop for our monthly packages and we assure you 100% satisfaction. We have experts who will tirelessly work for you to make sure your company succeeds just like our other clients who knew nothing about marketing on LinkedIn platform. Please don’t follow the hard route, we were once in your shoes and we wish we knew this earlier

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