List of Top 5 Ecommerce and Retail Merchant Services in USA

With the rise of various ecommerce services thanks to Amazon and Ebay, various retail merchants have risen up to the foreground to make the delivery of any sort of business or home product convenient and easy.

This in turn makes the lives of people much easier as they are able to get their desired products with an easy payment gateway. But for some, it could be hard to choose a decent retail merchant. This article will be focusing on some of the best retail merchant services in USA.


Probably one of the best so far, Square offers merchant services for various small business startups with a conveniently quick and easy set up. They mainly focus on the financial side of services such as payment gateways,

Square provides features such as being able to send an invoice to a customer even from a mobile device and supporting well-known credit cards for swiping purposes. The best part is that they offer a free card reader (POS) machine for any sort of businesses to use, there are also no monthly fees.

The bad part about Square is the fact that they charge higher transaction fees and therefore are slightly costly for new businesses.


PayPal should not be a stranger to anyone, for it is one of the most well known payment services used for both local and international transactions with the ease of a click from either the browser or through its mobile app.

PayPal does have the disadvantage of being pricey for businesses and would be avoided by new ventures. Their subscription model involves a free POS system for first time expenditure. Later the cost of a POS system would involving paying a hefty amount of $24.99.

PayPal does include features that make it viable for use by a business besides its cost, including a free mobile app that makes it convenient to send transactions or receive it internationally.


Stripe is one of the other well-known merchant services in USA that is preferred by various online retailers as it allows them to create a custom checkouts features e.g. Subscription models and services, marketplaces and even crowdfunding platforms, all thanks to its deeply intricate API.

In simple terms, unlike other services, Stripe isn’t a convenient all in one solution. Instead, one is offered various tools to utilize to create a payment system as they desire, which can be effectively for a firm wanting to create a better designed payment gateway for their customers.

Unfortunately, Since Stripe focuses specifically on an Internet infrastructure, it is likely won’t be of help to those who prefer in-person checkout services.

Another disadvantage of this service is the fact that it needs a slightly more technical background to understand its features which would make it rather inconvenient for companies needing a quick and easy solution to their payment processing needs.

The main features that make Stripe extremely convenient are:

  • Customizable Payments System: Thanks to the API which supports various programming languages, some of them being Ruby, Python and Java, it is possible for a firm to customize their subscription model and payment gateway to their needs to make it attractive to their user base.
  • Mobile Payments: Stripe offers a mobile app which includes a dashboard for tracking the status of your business, view your earnings or check out the details of your customers.
  • API Tools: You are offered tools which you can use to set up your business however you want.

Some of these features along with an affordable cost for larger firms can make it a more likely choice to be used by them.


While not as well-known as other merchant services, Payoneer offers nearly the same features as PayPal with a slightly lower transaction fees which could make it a better choice for businesses to utilize it, especially for international businesses. It also includes a “Partner Eco System” component, which in simple terms is beneficial for growing your business globally. Payoneer also offers the option to manage multiple stores through its “Store Manager”.

Overall, Payoneer is a still a growing ecommerce merchant service in USA which has a high potential to be adopted as the main choice for companies to utilize as a merchant service.


Finserv is an American global fintech company that offers various financing services for affordable prices, perfect for banking and commerce needs.

Payment costs are generally unknown to those who are not customers which makes it a harder service to take up for some businesses, although once taken up.

It offers the typical services a finance merchant offers including a mobile app and various logistics support for business purposes.

And so, with these few ecommerce merchant services in USA, one who is doing a business will have to decide between which they are most likely comfortable with.

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