Looking for Birthday Gift Ideas

When you have a friend or family member who has a birthday approaching you are likely starting to think about what to get them as a gift. Your choice of gift will greatly depend on how close you are to them, their gender, age and of course their personality and what their likes and dislikes are. Martha Jean earrings are a great gift for a woman in your life with pierced ears but not so appropriate for 7 year old boy! The goal of a good gift is not to give something you would want but to make them feel special. Sometimes the answer is something unique and special, sometimes it is something more universal.

Buying for all ages

Age is a huge factor when giving gifts.

  • Under-five you might consider, clothes, safe wooden gifts Australia made, treats, balloons, stuffed toys, playmats.
  • Between 5 and 10 you might look at clothes, age-appropriate toys like cars, trains sets, dolls, books, educational toys, school equipment and so on.
  • Older children are going to be looking for gift cards, money, gadgets, computer games, consoles and handheld gaming options, phones, fashionable clothing and accessories and such.
  • Adults are a lot more varied and really it depends on what they like to do. Buying someone who hates cooking a food processor is not a great gift. Buying someone who loves to cook a new food processor makes more sense. Flowers, candy bouquets, gardening supplies, books, an adventure day are some more ideas.

For children and adults who need less ‘stuff’

A lot of people quickly find that they and their children just have too much ‘stuff’. Toy boxes full of things they barely play with, too many ornaments, knickknacks and so on that are hanging around gathering dust. If you know people who prefer not to get any more items there are still great gift options.

  • Buy them an experience. Try out go-karting, rock climbing, formula one car racing, hot air ballooning. There are a lot of experiences now to choose from, they have a great time and have treasured memories.
  • Buy them a bouquet of something. Balloons, candy, flowers! They get something colourful and celebratory and when they are used up or old and no longer looking their best you can throw them out. Or in the case of the candy, eat it! They are easy to find online so you can shop from the comfort of home even, add a card and have it sent straight to them on the day. If you want to give them something small get wooden gifts Australia to add to it.
  • Buy them a hamper of something! As with the above, it is easy to find some great things online. If they are into wines, chocolates, cheeses, gourmet foods, snacks, retro sweets, whatever it is there is a hamper for it!


When you are getting ready to buy for someone’s birthday try to really think about what they would like most. There are some great Australian made options like Martha Jean for attractive and modern jewellery and going online you can find something they will love.

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