LoRa Wireless: A Great Aid in Search and Rescue Missions

Technology is brewing excellent options at an unprecedented rate. Let alone the Internet connectivity, multiple choices, and a huge spectrum of uses are enough to baffle mankind. In other words, the Internet of Things is offering us a new substitute at an incredible pace.

In such a case, you will come across many technologies, for instance, LoRa Wireless! The use of LoRa Wireless in search and rescue missions is of great importance and thus creates the theme of our article.

Arshon Technology Inc. as an experienced company is here to reveal the details about LoRa Wireless being a perfect utility in disaster-struck conditions.

This company has also designed a LoRa-based device named Orange Fob for communication which requires no Wi-Fi connectivity. This device is a practical aid in Search and Rescue missions.

What is LoRa Wireless?

LoRa is a wireless technology offering low-power and long-range, secure data transmission for M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and IoT(Internet-of-Things) applications.

LoRa is an acronym for “Long Range.”The emerging technology using low-powered transmitters and receivers is known specifically for its role in Search-and-Rescue operations in disaster-hit situations.

Features of LoRa Design

LoRa is professionally designed. The incorporation of state-of-the-art features makes it perfect for what it does. Features of Arshon LoRa design include;

  • Long Range: the long range enables it to connect to long distances and penetrate denser urban environments.
  • Low Power: with a minimal energy requirement, its battery can live up to 10 years. No replacement costs serve as a bonus.
  • Secure: The strong encryption system makes it super confidential and secure. The encryption system guarantees the integrity and protection of personal data.
  • Geo-Location: this feature enables free GPS tracking applications.
  • Active: Maintains steady connections with moving devices without the fear of battery consumption, as no strain or energy consumption occurs.
  • High Capacity: best fit for public network operators catering to large markets as LoRa supports millions of d messages per base station.

How Does LoRa Work?

The working of LoRa Wireless is based on CSS (Chirp Spread Spectrum) Modulation. It maintains low-power characteristics, and thus communication increases remarkably.

In addition, it is a spread system modulation technique that has been derived from CSS. To make it work, the spreading of the system is to be generated. This spreading of the spectrum is achieved by generating a chirp signal. This signal continuously varies and helps trade data between connected devices to facilitate search-and-rescue operations.

How is LoRa Wireless Useful in Disastrous Situations ?

Though LoRa is an emerging technology, its role in managing disasters and aiding search and rescue operations is commendable. Natural disasters are challenging, and the infrastructure besides mankind is the first to be severely affected. In such cases, establishing communications is the real deal, and this is where LoRa wireless technology comes to our rescue. LoRa has thus found its practical implementation in a number of devices.

Using LoRa wireless technology, portable nodes are installed in the red-alert area. The survivors can thus connect to these nodes using WiFi devices. This is thus a swift way to communicate with the teams or helplines and find a safe way out.

It also makes the task easy for the rescue teams by locating and communicating with the survivors.

Let’s elucidate the role of LoRa wireless in search and rescue operations.

Lora, Search-and-Rescue, and Hiking/Camping

Hiking and camping certainly make it to the list of the most sought-after activities or hobbies for a number of reasons. Spending time in solace, away from the busy urban life, is a great joy until you are caught in unfavorable conditions.

It is where you discover solitude is dangerous because no one is there for your rescue. However, the technology never fails to impress, and LoRa wireless, with impeccable design, is found at the forefront to serve the purpose.

Though different devices from time to time, like Recco and Spot, have been in use, their requirements, like GPS and specialized tags, made them unfit.

The LoRa -based tracking system has taken over others because of its great output. These tracking systems are efficient enough to track individuals seeking emergency assistance by narrowing down the search. The tracking system has an active transmitter device that the individual in the woods carries. Another part of the system is a handheld tracking device that is used to locate the adore-mentioned part.

Another main part of the tracking system is the network of devices installed in a checkpoint fashion mounted along the trail that gives the last known location of the active transmitter device.

LoRa and Typical Mountain Search and Rescue

You probably would have come across the devastating news of mountaineers struck in avalanches, snow storms, or unpredictable conditions owing to tricky landscapes.

The rescue operations, in this case, are the hardest since the localization is not easy. Mountaineers have been using devices that helped in  Search and rescue (SaR) operations, but they have become outdated because of their limited radio range.

LoRa is a brilliant technology that assists SaR operations like no other tech because of its extended radio range.

It performs the localization of the lost person through an algorithm based on path-loss measurements.

Orange Fob, a LoRa Based Device for Disaster Management

Communication is crucial during disasters to locate the affectees and rescue the survivors. Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, or others are lethal enough to wash away the basic infrastructure, including the communication systems.

LoRa has thus proven to be an excellent alternative to the usual communication system. It helps to retrieve people stuck in vulnerable conditions.

Arson Technology has designed a LoRa based wireless device for communication in distant areas. Orange Fob uses the combination of Bluetooth and LoRa technology and it doesn’t require Internet connection. It means you can easily reach out to other peers who are using the device in a specific range.

This device will enable you to send text messages as well as voice messages. What is incredible about Orange Fob is that you can share your location with other peers thanks to the GPS tracking system.

Orange Fob is mainly designed for outdoor activities in distant areas where Internet connection  accessibility is an issue. So this device is waterproof and its battery lasts about 48 hours.

If you have planned a hunt, camping, or trekking, you must grab an Orange Fob and install its application on your mobile phone to be safe, approachable, and known.

Final Words

LoRa Wireless is a low-power, long-range technology that connects people without too many requirements. This article bears the details highlighting LoRa, its features, working, and importance. Besides various uses, it is sacredly performed to aid the research and rescue operations in many calamity-stricken areas and vulnerable situations.

Author: Fatima Hanjani R&D Engineer at Arshon Technology Inc.