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Using Twitter to download video is not as easy as it sounds. There are several different tools on the market that can help you do the job. These tools range from the very simple, such as a browser extension, to the very advanced. Here are a few of them:


Using Twitter to save Twitter video can be tricky. The social networking site is not as video-friendly as it once was. However, with the right tool, you can save a video from Twitter to your phone’s camera roll or even to your computer.

First, you’ll need to find the video you want to save. You can search Twitter for a video, or you can use your phone’s camera to scan a QR code. Once you find the video, you’ll need to open the Twitter application on your smartphone.

Then, you’ll need to find the tweet that contains the video you want to save. You can use the Twitter application to search for tweets. Once you’ve found one, you’ll need to tap the share button. The share button is located on the right side of the screen.

Next, you’ll need to click on the link. This will display a pop-up with several options. You’ll need to select the one with the best quality. You’ll also need to choose the resolution. You can download the video to your phone’s camera roll, save it to your desktop, or play it in other apps.

Twitter Video Downloader

Using a Twitter Video Downloader is a great way to save content for later use. It’s also a handy tool for curating content from competitors or other sources. It also has the capability to download videos in multiple formats.

A Twitter video downloader should be simple to use. It should also be safe from malware. The Twitter video downloader you use should be legal to use for personal use.

To download a Twitter video, you need to have the proper tools. These tools vary depending on your device. For example, an Android device will need an extra app for saving videos. You can also use a third-party app.

The Twitter video downloader you use should have a comprehensive interface. It should have the capabilities to download videos in different formats, including MP4, FLV, MOV and 3GP. It should also be easy to integrate with the browser you use. You should also be able to save the content to your device.


Y2mate is a free video downloader that helps you download videos from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. The downloader provides high-quality video and audio files, with no registration required. The app has a simple user interface, which allows users to download videos quickly and easily.

The app works on all PCs and mobile devices. It can save videos in different formats, such as MP3, M4A, 3GP, WEBM and SD. You can also choose the output quality of the video. Its built-in web browser helps you find videos quickly.

Y2mate also allows you to convert videos to MP3 audio. This is beneficial for those who want to watch videos offline. The app works on all PCs and mobiles, and you can download videos in SD or HD quality. It has no time limit.

The app has a simple two-step process to download Twitter videos. First, you paste the video URL into the app. Next, you choose the output quality, size, and format.


Whether you want to save videos from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or any other streaming site, CleverGet can help you download videos in just a few clicks. This all-in-one video downloader supports hundreds of websites, including the most popular ones. The software even includes an in-built converter to make it easy to convert videos from different formats. It can also download live streams, enabling you to watch your favorite videos from anywhere.

With CleverGet, you can download videos from 1000+ websites, including Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and more. It also supports OTT streaming sites, allowing you to download TV shows, sports events, movies and music videos. It also lets you choose a resolution and sound quality for your downloaded videos.

CleverGet is available in both Windows and Mac versions. You can download a free trial version to try out the software and see if it works for you. The free version lets you download three videos at a time, while the paid version lets you download up to five videos at a time.

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