Everybody goes through a free-spirit phase at some point in their life. The bohemian lifestyle or even fashion is intriguing for many, and most people indulge in some aspects of it. Macrame is also one such trend that is slowly catching on, as people are getting interested in the macrame  tote bag, the wall hanging, and much more.

What is the Macrame  technique:

Many people do not know what Macrame  is. To simplify, it is a form of textile formed using the knotting technique instead of the knitting or weaving technique.

  • Many things are made from this technique, and some of them are the macrame tote bag, macrame  wall hanging, and macrame
  • The material used to make the chord is most commonly cotton, linen, jute, hemp, yam or leather.
  • This technique originated from the weavers of Arab countries; they knotted the thread that was in excess after the weaving of shawls and towels.

How to style a Macrame  tote bag:

  • A Macrame tote bag is very easy to style. It is quite a style statement when paired with a casual pair of jeans and a tee. It could also be paired with the jeans and crop top combination.
  • A tote bag with beautiful tassels on the bottom is good enough an accessory to style with any outfit, to be honest. Still, the perfect pair to a tassel bag is a lovely flowy summer dress, either with spaghetti straps or an everyday floral summer dress.
  • Macrame bags will undoubtedly look beautiful when styled as a sling bag while on a picnic or a field trip. Imagine going on a Uni field trip in a beautiful, oversized dress and a bag as a sling bag over it. Not only will it look edgy, but it is also very efficient in carrying items along.
  • This bag can also be styled with formals. This look may not be perfect for the corporate job, but it can certainly be used to style a person willing to go for an after-work gathering with colleagues. They can simply carry the tote as it is effortless and simple.
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How to take care of the Macrame :

  • Macrame is made with cotton fibres usually, and hence sometimes it can get a little challenging to get certain stains out if they are not taken care of properly.
  • To clean the dust or dirt accumulation over the fibres or between the knots’ gaps, one can use a damp white cloth accompanied by a mild detergent. It is always recommended to use a detergent without bleach in it.
  • Always use cold water to wash the bag. In case hot water is used, it is very much a possibility that the fibres in the bag could shrink, in turn, shrink the entire bag.
  • Hang the washed bag or the cleaned bag using a damp cloth in a well-ventilated area.
  • In case of a spilt coffee or wine stain on the bag, try to problem solve and avoid a disaster by acting on it immediately. Try to clean the spill stain ASAP while it is still fresh. Run the bag under cold water and rub it for 3-5 mins and use a detergent if needed.
  • In case of any wrinkles on the bag, they can certainly be removed by mildly ironing or steaming it. This way, the bag will not only look more presentable but also gets moisture-free.
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