Majority of Personal Injury Cases in South Carolina Settle. Why?

Among all the personal injury cases, a good number of them don’t reach the court. Most of them end with a settlement where all the parties involved agree on a specific payment. Why? There are different reasons surrounding this. Let us look at some of these reasons.

  • Uncertainties

There are a lot of uncertainties in a personal injury lawsuit, especially during the period when the two parties are presenting their evidence. There is a lot you might not know, and many things can emerge that can ruin your chances of getting the best compensation. Moreover, the judges can make the wrong verdict, and you might be denied everything. You may appeal, but filing an appeal to reverse the ruling will cost you thousands of dollars and take years. Because of this uncertainty, many people prefer a settlement. It is crucial to work with the best personal injury attorneys in South Carolina to ensure the compensation is fair enough, depending on your situation.

  • To Save Time

You might wait a year or more to get approval when you file a personal injury complaint. Even after you win the trial, it can also take a long time before you start receiving compensation. Add an appeal, and the years are more. Therefore, a settlement may be an excellent option to save time.

  • To Save Money

Litigations, especially those that involve expert witnesses, are expensive. You have to pay for the expert to testify in your case, which can add up the cost. Some cases involve more than one expert witness. Additionally, some personal injury cases take a long time, which means you use most of the lawyer’s time. The professional spends a lot of time analyzing the case, collecting and reviewing documents, preparing witnesses, and arguing in court. Other things add up to the cost of litigation. For that reason, many choose to settle the case to avoid these expenses.

  • To Avoid More Stress

Going through the court process is complex, and it might not be a good time after an injury or loss. Furthermore, emotions can take over during a court proceeding, ruining your case. Since you are vulnerable, you may prefer to take the chance you get to recover the damages and avoid more stress. With a lot of consideration, a settlement is usually the best choice when you want to move on with life as soon as possible. Sometimes, the payment is large enough, so there might be no need for litigation.

  • Privacy

Going to court means giving up on your privacy. It is a public place where anyone can go. Therefore, many private things can be unveiled if the case goes to trial. Hence, a person or organization in South Carolina with something that would not like made public may choose to go for a settlement to keep their privacy. The agreement is made by the parties involved, meaning sensitive information will not get to the public.


Settlements are a good way of solving a personal injury case. However, you must know that immediately after you sign the agreement of release, the other party will not be responsible for anything afterward. Therefore, it is critical to work with a lawyer to help you evaluate if a settlement is the best option and to help you through the negotiation process.

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