Make a Spin with Your Kid Two Fun Ways

Corporate events San Antonio is something you might consider. It’s so much enjoyment!

This action-art activity with salad spinners is something we’ve done with many children of all ages. It has always been a hit with them. Many of us have some sort of salad spinner at our corporate events. After painting, the paint comes off easily.

Spin Painting with a Spin Art

We just realized the whole kit was included with the purchase of the spin art machine. It also contained four squeeze bottles of paint, paper, and display card, holders.

We just refilled the squeeze containers when we ran low on paint. We used some of the children’s paints – and watered them down a little. This was a great chance to try out different types and colors.

This spin painting machine has been a big hit with the kids. Since it arrived on our doorstep, the children have made spin art every day. They loved watching the entire process through the transparent lid.

Art with a Salad Spinner

The best thing about a salad spinner and spin painting is that it’s free! First, the spinner is absolutely free (if you already own one). If you do need one, they are very cheap.

Although the spinner does not include paint supplies like the commercial spinners, it makes it easy to get what you need. Use whatever paints and small paper or plates.

We also love that the top of the salad spinning machine covers the spin painting action. Each time, the team building spin artwork is completely startling. To reveal the finished spin painting, kids must add the paint and close the top.

There isn’t a kid we know who doesn’t love spin painting. It doesn’t matter if you have ever done it before.

It’s a big question: what to do with all the spin paintings?

  • You can create a bunting out of some of your art using washi tape to attach the paintings and Mary Maxim yarn.
  • You can glue them together to make your own art journal.
  • You can make notecards with them.
  • Or display your favorites at a special location!

Spin Art – For Your Walls

Every summer, we have Spin Art Group Activities San Antonio. It’s a great way to help kids get to know one another, build friendships, and encourage teamwork through sharing paints and helping others. After the paint has dried, you can hang these tiny paintings together to create a stunning wall of spin art backdrop.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Make Spin Art Easy

  1. Make sure you have enough paper for your salad spinner. They should be laid flat, with only the corners being slightly bent.
  2. If you have children in groups, have them write their name on the back and place it in the center of the paper. Because they will make a million, they won’t even know who the other person is when they dry.
  3. Place the paper into a salad bowl and squeeze paint on top.
  4. The lid of the salad spinner must be closed. Spin it for 20 seconds fast.
  5. Check to make sure it is. If it’s done, get it out of your hand and lay it on some newspaper or a blanket. Keep spinning if the paint is not flowing. If needed, you may add more paint.
  6. After they are all dried, hang them one by one on the walls. This is an amazing backdrop for photos and makes a fantastic party backdrop.

That’s all there really is! Spins are super fun! Preparation is the key. The key is in the preparation. Make sure to have enough paper, enough paint, and a big place to dry them all.

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