Making The Most Out Of Social Media Streaming

Thanks to modern technology, it is now easier than ever to connect with an enormous audience of potential customers. It also means that competition has never been more fierce and varied.

To stand out among the crowd, businesses today need to be social media savvy, utilising all social media elements to their brand’s beacnefit. One of the less well-known forms of media that is rapidly gaining momentum is social media live streaming.

Here are some ways to utilise social media streaming to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

Make It Meaningful

It is vital that your streaming content be meaningful and relevant to your current customer base and those that might be finding your company for the first time. It may help to put yourself in your customer’s shoes – what would they find engaging, how can you inform them about your product benefits and show them why they should buy your products.

A great example of meaningful content is creating a video of a beauty product routine. There are many options out there for beauty products and various routines to choose from. This means it can be challenging for consumers to know where to start. A video that’s fun to watch but also engaging and educational is perfect for showing the benefits of the products on offer and encouraging sales.

Consider The Platforms Available

The platform you choose to live stream on is essential. You should consider which platforms your customers are most likely to use and engage with. For instance, an older audience is more likely to engage on Facebook, whereas a teenage audience is more likely to view content on TikTok.

Ideally, you will be streaming on multiple social media platforms to gain the largest view count, but it is a good idea to focus on one platform if you are just starting out. This will allow you to get used to live streaming and break the process down into manageable chunks.

Work With The Experts

To get the most out of your live streaming content, you will need the best in video production, editing, management and distribution. This can be a daunting task for a business owner, as the creation and management of videos is an expert field. You might consider partnering with a professional managed media services company to ensure that you are getting the most out of your social media streaming.

An excellent example of what to look for in a reputable media services company can be found in Red Bee Media. They provide a range of media services such as OTT and Access Services, you can’t put your business media in better hands.

Encourage Action

Your social media streaming will put out with the view to making sales. This means that you will need to give your audience a clear call to action, which you should decide on before recording.

The tone of your call to action depends on the video topic and style. For instance, an educational video could end with a call to view other informative videos or share an experience with your brand online.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Streaming on social media can be daunting, particularly live streaming. There is no option to edit or remove sections where mistakes happen, so practice is crucial. It may help to do a few practice runs in front of a group of people so that you can get used to speaking in front of a camera and crowd.

Some mistakes are natural and normal and may even help to humanise you in your audience’s eyes. The aim isn’t to be perfect, just to make sure there are no errors that could be damaging.

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