Male Breast Surgery for Gynecomastia Correction in Mumbai

Male breast surgery is done to removed overdeveloped breasts in male patients and can have several underlying causes. These include an unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle leading to obesity, several drugs, or a result of aging. Gynecomastia can occur in men of all ages even in babies or teens.

The surgery includes the removal of glandular and fatty tissues from the breasts to make the chest look flat and firm with better contouring. If you want to have male breast surgery in Mumbai, you can contact Dr. Siddharth Prakash. He is a highly experience Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon currently practicing at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. He is a proud alumnus of Harvard Medical School, Boston, and KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

Medical History and Examination

Your doctor can ask the following questions from you during the consultation:

  • Your medical history and any medicines you use
  • Any pain or discomfort in the breasts
  • Gynaecomastia duration
  • Drugs usage
  • Smoking history
  • Family history

Your plastic surgeon will also do a physical examination to the assessment of the volume of extra tissues and skin, any abnormal masses in the breasts

Procedure for male breast surgery

Your doctor will do liposuction if you have gynecomastia due to obesity, or do excision, or a combination of both. Excision will be done if you have glandular tissues causing bigger breasts. These tissues will be excised using a surgical scalpel.

In the case of bot fat cells and glandular tissues, the doctor will cut away excessive glandular tissues, some skin cells, and fat around the nipples, beneath the breasts, and on one side by using a combination of liposuction and excision through the incision.

If the incision size is larger, meaning there is a huge amount of tissue and skin to be removed then it means you will have a bigger scar. Liposuction is done by inserting tiny needles or cannula into the incision.

If the patient has local anesthesia, he might feel some sort of vibration or friction. The overall duration of the procedure is a maximum of 2 hours only.

Patients might need to stay overnight at the hospital facility if the surgeon has any concerns due to some medical problem. In other cases, patients can go back home the same day with a friend or family member.

Anesthesia for male breast surgery

Your doctor will decide what’s best for your which is either you will get general anesthesia or local. In local anesthesia, they give you some sedatives to make sure you are very comfortable and asleep during the gynecomastia surgery.

Post Surgical Care

Similar to any other surgery, you will feel slightly uncomfortable but this discomfort can be easily controlled with medicines. Your doctor will also give you some pain medicines. Also, try to have someone stay with you if you live alone for one or two days after the surgery.

You will get minimal swelling and bruising and will be instructed to wear compressed clothing to minimize swelling. You will notice a visible reduction in swelling after one week, but it may several months for the results to be completely visible.

You should start walking even on the day of the surgery and encourage to go back to your normal life once you feel well.

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