Mastopexy in Mumbai: Is it right for you?

As a result of aging, gravity, nursing, and pregnancy, women’s breasts can become droopy. As the breasts become less elastic, they become less firm, lose shape and become saggy. In the case of oversized breasts, gravity can still affect the results of the surgery. Areola size can also be reduced with the help of mastopexy. The areola is the darker portion around the nipples.

In the case of breasts that are small size or they have lost volume as a result of drastic weight loss or aging, mastopexy is coupled with breast implants to make them fuller, firmer, and more youthful.

Candidate requirements for mastopexy

An ideal candidate for the surgery should be:

  • In good physical health and has a stable weight
  • Is a non-smoker
  • Has realistic expectation about the surgery
  • Your saggy, deformed breasts bother you
  • You have pendulous, flat, and elongated breast shape
  • When you are not wearing a bra, your nipples and areola also droop down
  • Your breast’s skin looks stretched and the areola region is very large
  • One of your breasts is lower

Mastopexy in India, Mumbai

Mastopexy in India has become very popular but is not at all simple. However, it is completely safe when done by an expert plastic surgeon. If your surgeon is not very qualified, your surgery can lead to certain complications. These can include infection or bleeding risk, or your scars can become very wide and visible. To avoid these risks, you need to choose an expert surgeon, who considers every small aspect that can affect the surgery. It is also important that you follow all the instructions provided by your doctor before and after the procedure.

For mastopexy in Mumbai, Dr. Siddharth Prakash is a highly qualified plastic surgeon in Mumbai at Lilavati Hospital. He is KEM Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston alumnus.

Mastopexy or Breast life surgery

A breast lift does not result in any long-term scars. Your scarring can become visible and will heal very poorly if you are a regular smoker. Quitting smoking is the first thing that surgeons prohibit during the first consultation with the patients.

It is a minor surgery and takes around 1 to 3 hours. An incision of anchor shape is made along the natural crease of the breast in most cases. However, the techniques vary from patient to patient.

The nipple and areola are repositioned and moved slightly up. Extra stretched skin from beneath the breasts is removed and breasts are reshaped. Incisions are then closed with sutures and elastic bandages are applied. You will be asked to wear a surgical bra for one month or as your doctor advises.

You will have some bruising and swelling on the breasts making you feel uncomfortable. Some patients also feel mild pain and it will normally subside within one week and can be easily controlled with pain killers.

After a few days, you will be allowed to wear a soft bra on a gauze layer for support instead of a surgical bra or bandages. Your surgeon will ask you for follow-up visits after 2 days to monitor your surgery area and after two weeks to remove your stitches.

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