Material choices of yard sign 101 – Know more to order the best

When it comes to yard and lawn signs, you need to understand that there are numerous choices based on their uses. There are three main types of materials consistently used for yard signs: corrugated plastic, aluminum, and alumacore signs. In the following post, we will look at these main and subtypes of yard sign materials.

Corrugated plastic lawn signs

These are the most common yard sign material – corrugated means there are flutes or channels on the surface. It increases the stability and reinforces the structure of the sign. If you are looking for durable, affordable, and weather-resistant yard signs, look no further than these corrugated plastic sign options. If you are looking to custom design your lawn sign with graphic text, color or imagery, then keep in mind that you can use corrugated plastic for digital as well as silk-screen printing.

Shaped signs – rectangular shapes

A subtype of corrugated plastic, the rectangle-shaped signs are the most common and everyday use signs we see daily. Store promotions, realtors, and even political campaigns all require rectangular shape signs. The two most common dimensions for shaped signs are 24”W x 18”H and 18”W x 12”H.

Direction signs

When it comes to people searching for locations at an event, you will need directional signs and arrows. Directional signs are used at events, parties, marriage ceremonies, and other events.

Shape-cut signs

Shape-cut signs are the most innovative when it comes to custom signs. With this, you can create any shape with the help of a machine, the CNC router, to design custom yard signs for your requirement. If you are involved with something creative or looking to create splashes with your campaigning, shape-cut lawn signs can be the perfect option.

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Aluminumyard signs

Custom aluminum signs are a great option as well. These are rust-proof and all weather-resistant. If you are looking for durability, then look no further than aluminum options. Aluminum is lightweight and, at the same time, offers you some of the best finishes out there as far as yard signs are concerned.

Alumacore signs

These are a particular type of sign materials where you can print on both sides of the material. Alumacore is exceptionally rigid and durable. The most common uses for these signs are at exhibits, purchase displays, and various events. Keep in mind alumacore is compressed corrugated plastic but is heavier than the latter.

Max metal signs

These are aluminum composite materials comprising of two pre-painted aluminum panels bonded by a plastic core. Max metal signs are a great option since they are resistant to scratches and dents.

Digital and silk-screen printing

Lastly, we have printing choices. Screen printing will produce rich, brilliant, and extremely vibrant colors. It is the most efficient printing process and works best when you are presenting large orders. However, with digital printing, a computer is used to put in the required number of details. The final product is a photographic print with greater design and motif accuracy.

Choose the material and print based on your preferences and budget.

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