Matthew Knoot

How to cook smarter and faster every day?

We work so much and earn money only for a better living. Indeed we have luxurious needs and pretty little attractions. But, food is the primary necessity of humanity. It is the reason for the civilization process. Men started coming out of their caves in search of food. And since then, so many fights and wars have occurred in this sector. You may think there were several reasons behind the conflicts among nations. It is true, but the prime concern behind every major revolution was food. So, there is no doubt how vital nutrition is for us. Our busy, hectic city life is getting more challenging every day to cook and eat healthily. Budget becomes an issue too sometimes. Fresh vegetables and fruits foes have not come cheap anymore. So, most of the city dwellers depend on the takeaway, junk foods that are not acceptable at all.

Why not take away foods?

Take away, and junk foods are extremely palatable and tasty. These foods are a great appetizer. But, junk foods are never healthy or helpful. It will keep accumulating extra fat on your important cardiac vessels and Peripheral organs. As a result, you will look fluffy and gain weight within a short time. Besides, these foods are usually full of cheese, Mayo, salted butter, and heavy cream. Every item in the list is very harmful to health and does not contain an excellent nutritional value. Obesity, atherosclerosis, angina, delayed response in kids, fatigue, and so many other diseases may arrive from these food’s consumption. So, every time you eat a no veg burger, you are paying for eating something harmful for your body. It is high time you start caring for your body and start eating healthy. Here in this article, we will be discussing some healthy and easy cooking tips. Please scroll below to know more.

Healthy cooking recipe

Use vegetable oil

Many people use butter or margarine for cooking. There is no doubt that a bunch of butter or margarine makes the food very tasty. But, at the same time, these oil-based products have saturated, short chains of fat. It means these fats can promote the atherosclerosis process. So, using vegetable oils, for example, soybean, mustard oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, are a thousand times better option. These oils are naturally nutritious and improve the taste as well.

Bake or boil

Baking the food is probably the best technique to make a portion of food palatable and healthy at the same time. It requires low temperature and more extended time. Most importantly, baking requires no oil. So, the process does not solidify the food’s protein components and keeps the nutritional value intact. Boiling is also a good technique. But, sometimes boiling at high temperatures and for a longer time may denature the food’s protein. For example, milk loses protein if you cook them over 63 degrees Celsius temperature for more than fifteen minutes. It is the reason the commercial milk production companies maintain a strict pasteurization protocol while sterilizing the milk. You should try to avoid frying, and deep-frying is an absolute no if you have any kind of cardiovascular problems.

Don’t cook fruits

Some cuisines include barbecuing fruits to make them look different and delicious. But, it is one of the worst cooking hazards. It would help if you never tried to heat fruits usually. It will disrupt the water-soluble vitamins, minerals, and water contents. Garnish with a bit of olive oil, spice up with chili flex, flax, and green onion is sufficient to make a great fruit salad as an appetizer.