Meaningful Jewish Jewelry and Why You Should Own it

Jewish culture is one of the oldest and authentic religious views worldwide. Among the three main branches of Abrahamic religions, Jewish people have a long history of meaningful Jewish jewelry. Most of these pieces of jewelry are not modern punk style or fancy at all. Most of the hand-crafted Jewish jewelry has a deep meaning and history behind it. 




Most of the Jewish people, especially men, have been wearing Jewish gold jewelry for many years. Sometimes you will also find sterling silver Jewish jewelry. Mostly these ornaments are costly and durable, as one ornament piece goes for centuries as a familial descendant. 


Hoshen in Judaica 


The Goshen of Judaica is one of the most commonly used and popular ornaments among the Jewish community. It symbolizes the hope for the best and an uplifting promise towards the wearer. Hoshen of Judaica is a piece of striking metal jewelry with a square base with twelve surrounding stones. This jewelry is available for you as a broch, bracelet, pendant, and many more forms. 


Who wears it? 

The Hoshen is a very prestigious ornament piece, and though everyone can wear it, usually the highest officials of churches wear it. Judaica is a very authentic reflection of the Golden past and even brighter future of Israel. If you remember the famous last of Jesus, then you will quickly understand the deeper meaning of Judaica. 


Star of David 

Almost everyone is aware of the star of David from the Israeli flag. It is a hexagonal structure that denotes every opposition in life and brings back luck to misfortune. Every Jewish loves to wear a Star of David for luck and prosperity. You can find meaningful Jewish jewelry online nowadays with minimum delivery charges. 


Bat Mitzvah 


At the age of twelve, a Jewish girl becomes responsible for her family and duties for the first time. It is a very significant time for the little lady, and thus the family showers her with gifts and ornaments. The Bat Mitzvah is one of the most beautiful and meaningful jewelry from the father to the daughter as a responsible woman. 


Kabbalah pieces 


Kabbalah is one of the most mystic arts and cultures to this date. There is much literature about the Kabbalah, and experts have used an ancient form of Hebrew to dictate the art. Kabbalah jewelry is a powerful ornament to invade your life’s deepest secret. 


Why use it? 

Kabbalah is one of the deepest and most unsolved mysteries of the world. So, people wear this Kabbalah jewelry to keep themselves safe from poverty, bad luck, and curses. There is no scientific back up that it works, but we know belief can go a long way when solid and religious. 


About other religion 

Jewish jewelry, especially Kabbalah Jewelleries, is all about the mixture of fashion and mystical religious beliefs. So, even if you are not a Jewish believer or Abrahamic in origin, you can wear a piece of Jewish jewelry proudly. It will give you a distinctive look if it can not save you from bad omen and poverty. 


Where to find it? 


If you want authentic Jewish jewelry, then Israel is the best place. Israeli jewelers have been making these fantastic art pieces for generations now. So, you do not have to worry about the metal quality or originality at all. You also can customize the metal options and colors for your jewelry. It will give you an exclusive Jewelry piece with value. 


Other options 

Nowadays, you can also order Kabbalah jewelry online these days. Here you have to check the reviews before buying it. 

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