Medical Health Insurance in Dubai for Foreigners and Tourists

Dubai is one of the quickest growing economies in the UAE. It’s an attractive tourist hub that draws visitors from all over the world. That’s not all, though! Dubai has evolved to become a key destination for travelers, thanks to its quality health services. It’s a popular medical tourism destination with modern medical facilities.


The country offers free healthcare to its citizens. But, as an expat, you need a health insurance plan. And this allows you to get the best care for yourself and your loved ones.


Understanding the healthcare system in Dubai


 Dubai offers both public and private healthcare facilities. The public healthcare system is commonly used by Emirati nationals who are eligible for free treatment or subsidized services. Most free services include emergency care, diagnostic test, prescription medicine, maternity care, and more. The free services exclude dental, eye, and ear care.


Expats and foreigners can use the free system but have to pay for them. However, you require a health card, which you can apply for online. It’s important to apply for the card and use it alongside your health insurance cover. For better healthcare facilities, you need medical insurance in Dubai. 


 Do you require private health insurance n Dubai?


If you’re planning a move to Dubai, I presume you have already narrowed down your healthcare options. You’ll need private health insurance as a tourist or foreigner in the country. Your employer will provide this. But, if you feel that the cover isn’t adequate, you can take a private medical cover for your family members.


There are various reasons why public healthcare shouldn’t be your priority as a foreigner in Dubai. First of all, the services are designed for the locals and may not be user-friendly for foreigners. For instance, you may not get English-speaking health providers, which poses a big challenge to foreigners. 


Moreover, the facilities are crowded due to the high demand, and you may have to brace long queues to get medical attention.


Lastly, it’s a legal obligation for foreigners to have private health insurance in Dubai. Private facilities also offer higher standard services than public hospitals.


 What does private health insurance cover?


Al private medical insurance policies in Dubai must meet certain standards. All policies provide a minimum annual limit of 150,000 AED. The policy covers emergency costs, pre-existing conditions, and inpatient treatment with a minimum excess of 20%. The policy also covers outpatient treatment with a maximum of 20% excess and semi-private accommodation. With a private insurance cover, you qualify for 7,000 AED on maternity services. The policy also covers all the essential vaccinations in the country.


What of the essential benefits plan?


If you’re a low-income earner, there’s a benefit plan for you. Employers must provide medical health insurance for their employees for all expats. There’s also a benefit plan to support low-income earners. The essential benefits plan provides essential benefits to Dubai residents at an affordable cost. 


For instance, if you have a domestic worker like a nanny, driver, or cook, it’s a legal obligation to insure them but not their families. However, you can pay for their health insurance from their salaries. Employers can choose an international insurance plan for employees earning over 4,000 AED monthly. Some employers will also provide private insurance for your family members, but others won’t. Therefore, it traveling with your loved ones, you may have to buy a private medical insurance cover for your loved ones,


Why pay for private health insurance in Dubai?


Private health insurance in the UAE for visitors offers multiple benefits. Foremost, you’ll be safe knowing that the policy covers the services you won’t get in most public health facilities. Also, doctors are readily available in the private sector, and you’re likely to get examined by an English-speaking physician. This is critical when expanding your symptoms and eases communication between the doctor and the patient. What’s more, you’ll have a wide variety of medical facilities and specialties to choose from.


What’s the cost of private health insurance in Dubai?


Dubai is quite expensive when it comes to private medical insurance. The average cost of health insurance in Dubai ranges around 10,000 AED per annum. The premiums for comprehensive health insurance for foreigners can range between 5,500 AED- 33,500 AED for a family of four. For an individual, the average annual cost is about 4,772, according to the global study of 2017. To get the best rates, compare different insurance companies and get as many quotes as possible. This makes it easier to locate the best bargains on health insurance policies.


Final thoughts


Healthcare in Dubai is free for the locals, and you need health insurance as a foreigner. This is mandatory for all foreigners, and you can’t get a residency visa without it. Moreover, each uninsured month attracts a fine, which may be higher than the health insurance premium.

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